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With an Enercare Smarter Home, you’ll get:

  • Management of all Smarter Home products using one simple mobile app
  • System monitoring of your heating and cooling equipment to identify possible issues before they happen
  • 10% off an Allstate home insurance premium**
  • Comprehensive suite of leading smart products, professionally installed
  • Instant notifications to your mobile device when there is an issue in your home
  • Cellular connection for most products versus wifi for a constant connection from anywhere
  • Most smart products use Z-Wave technology1
  • Customizable automation settings that will fit your family’s needs
  • Robust and secure communication network between smart products and hub
  • Video storage2
  • Live agent support seven days a week

From automated solutions with the mobile app to responsive technicians who can fix the issue, Enercare Smarter Home is the most complete solution for your home.

Smarter Home Essentials Package

The Essentials package is the foundation for the Smarter Home experience that gives you remote access to home comfort and peace of mind from anywhere. This package includes professional installation and access to the Smarter Home mobile app for real-time notifications, remote access, and the ability to customize your automation settings.

The Smarter Home Essentials package includes:

Smarter Home Hub

The core of the whole Smarter Home network. The Smarter Home Hub is what collects and analyzes the data from all your home devices, making sense of the information and then sending it out to your mobile app. No need to download multiple apps for all your home’s connected devices. No need to try and interpret trends or graphs on your own. The Smarter Home Hub does the work so you don’t have to. Included in your Smarter Home Essentials package, it’s the cornerstone of the app, making sure you get the information you need, when you need it.

Smarter Home Thermostat

Control the heating and cooling of your home, even when you're not around. In addition to the easy-to-set thermostat in your home, you can also set your home's temperature remotely with the web browser dashboard or within the mobile app. Turn down the heat when you’re not around to save energy and money, or start warming up the house when you’re on your way home from the office. One thermostat is included in the Smarter Home Essentials package.3

Smarter Home Water Leak Sensor

Know about water leaks before they have a chance to do significant damage. Leak sensors can be placed under a sink, near your water heater and around the dishwasher or washing machine, to alert you on your app if there's a leak in the area. One leak sensor is included in the Smarter Home Essentials package.3

Smarter Home Performance Monitoring

Using the data that comes through your Smarter Home Hub, the Performance Monitoring System will look at both short and long-term patterns in your HVAC equipment and interpret the information, alerting you if there is an issue – for instance, a decline in the efficiency of your equipment that may require maintenance.

Smarter Home Smart Away

With Enercare Smart Away, you can automate your home based on your location. Simply set your home location so that certain actions take place when you leave that area. For instance, if you leave your home without locking your front door, you can set your mobile app to notify you, enabling you to lock the door from wherever you are. You can also set your thermostat to turn down the heat when you leave your home. You can even set a work location so that your home knows when you’re on your way: have the heat turn back up or lamps turn back on when you leave work, so your home is comfortable when you return.

Smarter Home Whole Home Package

Enhance your Essentials package with Whole Home to extend the convenience and comfort of the Smarter Home experience throughout your home. With every Whole Home package you purchase, you’ll add five products of your choosing to your Smarter Home, all of which can be accessed and programmed through the mobile app. You can purchase as many Whole Home packages as you wish to build and customize your whole home.

The Smarter Home products available to choose in the Whole Home package include:

Smarter Home Temperature Sensor

Whether you're losing heat due to a drafty window that needs reinforcing, or burning energy due to a fridge or freezer that's left open or has a leaky seal, you'll be notified on your app of a change in temperature so you can take action.

Smarter Home Light Switch

Control the lights in your home from anywhere. Whether you want to schedule your lights to come on at sunset when you’re on vacation, or just want to avoid fumbling in a dark hallway for a light switch, your light switches are now in the palm of your hand.

Smarter Home Smart Socket

Remotely control any electrical device in your house. The Smarter Home Smart Socket plugs into any 110V electrical outlet in your home, letting you remotely turn on or off appliances, the TV, or any other device that's plugged into it. Never again worry if you left the iron plugged in. Have lamps come on before you get home without leaving them on all day. You can also program recurring schedules and monitor the energy being used by each device plugged into the Smarter Home Smart Sockets in your home.

Smarter Home Door and Window Contact

Know when doors or windows in your house are opened in real time. Smarter Home Door and Window Contacts are valuable not only to notify you of someone entering the house, but they can also be placed on gates, cabinet doors or closet doors. Stay notified if someone comes and goes from your yard, or if a liquor or medicine cabinet has been opened, or even something as simple as knowing if your family is trying to peek in the closet where you’ve hidden their birthday presents! Plus, through the app, you can program follow-up actions to a door or window being opened, such as a camera turning on to record footage.

Smarter Home Door Lock

Unlock a door remotely for a loved one who has forgotten their keys, and never worry that you may have forgotten to lock up when you left the house. It can all be done remotely from your mobile device.

Smarter Home Water Valve Shut-off

Minimize water damage from leaks. Working in conjunction with the water leak sensor, the water shut-off valve will turn off the main water valve coming into your house if a leak is detected. This will prevent further damage being caused by the leak until you can resolve the source of the problem. You can also turn the valve off remotely, for instance, when you're on vacation, to reduce the risk of a leak occurring and causing damage when you're not around.

Smarter Home Energy Management Clamp

Know where your energy is going every month. The Smarter Home Energy Management Clamp is attached to your electrical panel or breaker box to monitor the electrical usage throughout your home. It collects information on the energy usage of specific electrical devices in your home, which you can then view on your Smarter Home app in both kWh and estimated dollars per month. Whether you’re interested to know how much energy your water heater uses every day when it’s on standby mode, or curious about the efficiency of your lights or HVAC system, you’ll be equipped with the information you need. Know where you're using the most energy from month to month so you can start reducing usage and saving money.

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  2. Smarter Home Thermostat & HVAC
  3. Smarter Home Water Valve Shut-off
  4. Smarter Home Indoor & Outdoor Camera
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    2. Video Recording & Viewing
    3. Wireless Setup & Configuration
  5. Smarter Home Smart Away


1. General FAQs

Can more than one person have the app?

Yes, all members of your household will be able to download and access the app.

Can I change the language on the Smart Home Hub?

Yes. Simply log in to the Smarter Home User Portal and select “Settings” from the left-hand window. Next, select “Login Information” and then “Language Preference”. Select your preferred language, then press “Save”.

Who do I contact if I experience a problem with a device?

If you have issues or questions, contact our Smarter Home customer support centre at 1 833-99-SMART (1 833-997-6278).

Who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the devices?

Enercare is responsible for repairing your Smarter Home products. If your devices are still under warranty, repairs are at no cost to you.

Who will install the devices in my home?

Your Smarter Home devices will be installed by a licensed Enercare technician.

Can I build a custom solution for my family’s needs?

No, as it is not necessary. Enercare Smarter Home is already designed with a curated ecosystem, to ensure that different devices can work together and exchange information seamlessly.

Can I just have a leak sensor?

No, the leak sensor is only available through the Smarter Home Essentials Plan, which comes with a leak sensor as well as a thermostat and a hub.


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2. Smarter Home Thermostat & HVAC FAQs

How do I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and vice-versa?

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Account Management
  4. Click System Information
  5. Select the desired temperature scale using the Temperature Units dropdown menu
  6. Click Update

Does the Smart Thermostat support multi-stage systems?

Yes, your Smart Thermostat is compatible with up to three stages of heating and two stages of cooling.

What is a multistage system?

Multistage systems use more than one level of heating or cooling (for example, high, medium and low) to save energy and keep the house at a more constant temperature. You set the temperature and the system automatically adjusts the level of heating or cooling. The system will use the lowest level needed to arrive at the right temperature.

Single-stage systems have only one level of heating or cooling and need to turn on and off much more frequently to maintain a constant temperature. This uses more energy than multistage systems and results in more temperature fluctuation.

How do I tell if I have a multistage system?

Your Enercare Energy Management Consultant will be able to tell you by performing an inspection in person.

Is a multistage system the same thing as a multi-zone system?

No. A system can have multiple zones without having multiple stages, and vice versa.

Does the Smart Thermostat support systems with multiple zones?

Yes, the Smart Thermostat supports systems with more than one zone. If you have more than one thermostat in your home, you have a zoned system.

What is a multi-zoned system?

An HVAC system that has multiple zones means that different areas of the home can be heated or cooled separately. This can be done using separate thermostats for each zone or by using a damper in the ductwork to direct hot or cool air to the selected zone.

What are variable-speed HVAC systems, and is the Smart Thermostat compatible with them?

Variable-speed systems change the fan speed to push more or less hot or cool air through the vents. The Smart Thermostat can control many variable-speed HVAC systems that use standard 24-volt wiring (for example, with R, G, Y, W, C wiring). However, there are some exceptions. Certain variable-speed HVAC systems use proprietary communication between the thermostat and the main HVAC system to enable variable-speed control, which limits their compatibility with other thermostats.

Your Enercare Energy Management Consultant can inspect your HVAC system and let you know if it is compatible with our Smart Thermostat.

Can the Smart Thermostat control my home’s humidifier or dehumidifier?

This feature is still in development. When it becomes available, it will be added to your features through an app update.

What is the expected battery life of the Smart Thermostat?

With typical use, the Smart Thermostat will last well over one year.

How can I lock my Smart Thermostat so that target temperatures can only be adjusted within a certain range?

This can be set up on the Smart Thermostat configuration page under the “User” tab. You can get to the Smart Thermostat configuration page by clicking the gear icon on a thermostat’s card in the mobile app, then clicking on “Advanced Configuration”.

Can I set my Start Thermostat so that it can only be controlled by people who have access to our Smarter Home app, and not manually?

Local control of the thermostat can be disabled on the Smart Thermostat configuration page under the “User” tab. In the “Thermostat Lock” column, select “Partial” to allow manual temperature changes but disallow mode changes. Select “Enabled” to prevent anyone from using the Smart Thermostat to change either the mode or temperature. You can get to the Smart Thermostat configuration page by clicking the gear icon, then clicking on “Advanced Configuration”.

Where do I go to set up a thermostat schedule?

You can set up a schedule for your Smart Thermostat at Navigate to the Thermostats page, then click on the gear icon on the Smart Thermostat card. From there, you’ll click on the Edit Schedule link to set up a schedule. Once you’ve set up your schedule, make sure that you also have Schedule mode turned ON.


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3. Smarter Home Water Valve Shut-off FAQs

Is there a Water Management add-on?

Yes, the Whole Home package is needed for the Water Management solution.

Can water alarm sensors be installed without the Water Valve add-on?

Yes. Water alarm sensors, or leak detectors, can be installed without the Water Valve add-on and will still provide you with notifications if a leak is detected.

Do water shut-off rules run locally on the hub?

Yes, once created, a water shut-off rule is stored locally on the Smarter Home Hub. This ensures a faster response when a leak is detected and means only local communication is needed in order for the rule to run.


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4. Smarter Home Indoor & Outdoor Camera FAQs

What are the core video features?

View live video through your web browser login, Enercare Smarter Home app or through any mobile web browser.

Flexible choice of triggers to initiate recordings and optional notifications:

  • Motion-triggered (built into the camera)
  • Event-triggered-based on contact sensors and locks

Recordings can be attached to email/text notifications for immediate review on computers and compatible mobile phones. Recorded clips can be played back through the web and on the Smarter Home mobile site, through compatible mobile phones.

Connects to customer Local Area Network through Ethernet or WiFi.

How much bandwidth should my Internet connection have?

We recommend that you have 200-250 kbps of upload bandwidth per camera. NOTE: This is the upload, not the download speed of the network. You can test this by running a speed test while on your local network from:

If your upload bandwidth is lower than recommended, the cameras may still work, but the live view may look “jumpy” as the frame rate will be reduced as a result of the upload bandwidth limitation. If your Internet bandwidth is too low, you can contact your Internet Service Provider to find out how to increase your upload bandwidth.

Will the video features work with any camera or webcam?

No, only Enercare Smarter Home IP cameras are supported.

Which web browsers can be used to view live and recorded video?

All video features are available on Firefox, Safari and Chrome on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

What kinds of cell phones support live video?

Streaming of live video is available on your Enercare Smarter Home app, available for iPhone and Android phones. Additionally, any web-enabled cell phone with an HTML browser can view real-time live images. Streaming video is also available on some phones with full HTML browsers.

Please note, data charges by your service provider can be significant for using video features on cell phones when you are not connected to a WiFi network.

What kinds of cell phones support video-clip attachments to emails/text messages?

Video-enabled cell phones can also view recorded clips and receive video-clip email attachments of new video events, if the service provider allows video emails.

Please note, data charges by your service provider can be significant for using video features on cell phones when you are not connected to a WiFi network.

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

Your browser will need to download an ActiveX control or Java Applet plug-in to view live video. If you do not already have this, your browser should automatically prompt you to install it when you access the site.

A Flash plug-in is required on all browsers to view recorded video clips. No plug-ins or applications are needed for the mobile site.

How is my privacy ensured?

The cameras use password protection to prevent access from outside the Enercare website, with the Enercare cameras employing advanced MD5-based “digest authentication” for user authentication. More simply, it’s the same kind of technology that banks use to ensure your privacy and security.

You can see all cameras associated with the account, and additional logins created for the account can be assigned permission to see the cameras as required.


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4a. Video Clip Recordings & Storage FAQs

How much video can I record?

A standard account provides 1,000 clips of online storage (shared by all cameras). Each clip is treated the same regardless of its length, recording resolution or quality.

How long is each recording?

Camera-triggered recordings can be configured from 15 seconds to 40 seconds, in 5-second increments.

How much video can be uploaded in a month?

With a standard account, 1,000 clips can be uploaded per month. Once this number is exceeded, the recording schedule for motion and activation of the doorbell will not be uploaded. At the beginning of the next month another 1,000 videos can be uploaded, however, the account holder is required to remove the pause. This can be found under Video > Recording schedules.

What happens when my video storage is full?

After the storage limit is reached, the system will overwrite the oldest unsaved recordings (unprotected videos can be overwritten by new videos) to make room for the newest recordings.

What if I want to save a recorded clip?

You can save any particular clip by downloading it to your computer or by marking it “Protected” on the Saved Video Clips page. This will prevent it from being automatically overwritten when the storage limit is met.

How many days will my recorded clips last before they are overwritten?

This depends on the recording frequency and video quality settings. It can range from a few hours to a few weeks. Careful camera placement and Video Motion Detection (VMD) window configuration will reduce unwanted recordings and optimize use of online storage capacity.

In what formats are snapshots and video clips saved?

The snapshots are saved as JPEG images (.JPEG or .jpg) files, which can be viewed in most image programs.

The recorded video clips can be saved as .MOV, .AVI or .MP4 files.

Can I hit a manual button to prompt the system to begin recording a clip?

Yes, the manually recorded clip will save 10-15 seconds of footage before and 10-15 seconds after the button is pressed.


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4b. Video Recordings & Viewing FAQs

What is the frame rate for recorded video?

Video clips are recorded at 3 frames per second (FPS) by default, but you can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 5 frames per second. Some cameras have a maximum record rate of 3 FPS at their highest recording resolution.

What is the frame rate for live video?

Enercare cameras stream live video as fast as the network permits, with an upper limit of 10 frames per second (FPS).

On a local LAN, the 10 FPS may be achieved, but the frame rate will likely be slower if the available bandwidth is not high enough, is shared by multiple cameras or is shared by multiple simultaneous viewers. Reducing resolution or image quality will increase the FPS when viewing live video from remote connections.

Will the video use up all of my network’s bandwidth?

The cameras do not consume any bandwidth unless they are uploading recorded video or someone is actively looking at live video.

How many users can look at the live video stream simultaneously?

Each camera supports up to 10 simultaneous viewers.

Can Video Motion Detection ignore parts of the scene?

Yes. Enercare cameras allow you to define up to three separate windows to monitor for motion, called Video Motion Detection (VMD) windows. Motion outside of these windows is ignored, so false recordings are minimized. This applies to the indoor and outdoor camera only and not to the video doorbell.

How well can my Enercare cameras see in the dark?

The outdoor camera has integrated infrared (IR) illuminators that allow you to see up to 40 feet from the camera in complete darkness.


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4c. Wireless Setup & Configuration FAQs

What kind of wireless security is available on these cameras?

Our cameras support WEP wireless encryption along with the newer WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal encryption.

What is the wireless range on the cameras?

It depends on the type of building and the internal location where the cameras are installed, but the wireless range is typically about 100 feet. In this case, there would not be an unusual amount of walls in between the camera and wireless router. Of course, the closer the camera is to the router, and the fewer obstructions, the better.


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5. Smarter Home Smart Away FAQs

How do I set up my Smart Away location(s)?

To take advantage of Smart Away functionality, follow these simple steps on your Enercare Smarter Home mobile app:

  1. Enable Smart Away on one or more devices by logging in to the app from an Apple or Android device and enable “Geo-Services” under the Settings menu.
  2. To view and manage Smart Away (Geo-Services) online, go to Settings > Geo-Services > Add a Fence to view and edit Smart Away locations on your account. A “Home” location will be created by default around the system address.
  3. Set up geo-enabled rules or notifications. Once Smart Away locations are set up, apply these settings to various rules and notifications via the web.

Compatible Products

Add Google Home to your system and control your Enercare Smarter Home by using voice control. Adjust your thermostat, turn on lights or lock your door just by asking Google Home to do so.


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