April 3, 2017

Is it time to replace my central air conditioner?

Learn when you need to replace your air conditioning unit with a new central system. 

Homeowners rely on air conditioning systems to provide cooling comfort during the summer months, when temperatures rise to unbearable numbers. Central air conditioning systems are a quality way in which to cool the home. Such units can last for a decade or more if maintained correctly. However, over time, the system will need to be replaced. How do you determine if your unit is in need of replacement? Read on to find the common signs of replacement as well as how you can benefit from a new system installation.

Old Age

If your unit is getting up there in years, it is most likely time for a replacement. Over time, the system loses energy efficiency which means you are paying more to cool your home than you would with a newer unit. Older systems can also require more repair needs when components wear out or break down.

Repair Needs

Speaking of repairs, have you found that your unit continually needs to be serviced? If so, you could save more money by installing a new air conditioning system. A new unit would not require repair and will likely offer better energy efficiency as well as better cooling comfort.

Not Cooling Properly

Have you found that your home is not as cool as it once was during the summer months? This is a sure sign that your unit needs to be replaced. Have your air conditioner evaluated and an estimate provided for a new air conditioning system to see how much you could save on a new installation.

Benefits of a New Installation

There are many benefits you can enjoy with the installation of a new air conditioning system. To begin, newer units will have a higher energy efficiency rating. Your new central air conditioning system will be able to reach the desired temperature setting at a quicker rate than an older system. Your home will be cool in no time with limited energy used. This will help to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

You can also worry less about your unit not functioning properly, shutting down or being in need of repair. When you have a new unit installed, it is ready from the very beginning to offer you quality comfort. After having a new system installed, continue with an annual maintenance service to ensure the unit can maintain energy efficiency as well as performance.

Rebates are another incentive when purchasing a new central air conditioning system. Depending on the type of unit you install, rebates may be available to help you save money on a new installation. At Enercare, we offer quality installation options that may include rebates so you can save money while taking advantage of a new unit. Our technicians will evaluate your current unit and see how you can be better served by a new system. We go over the options available to you, including rebates, so that you can make a decision based on your cooling as well as budget needs.

If you are in the market for a new central air conditioning system, contact Enercare today. At Enercare our team is ready to provide you with several options for quality cooling in the home.


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