January 23, 2018

5 ways to reduce energy use outdoors

Lots of people talk about how to be efficient indoors. Here are tips to take that efficiency outdoors.

1. Plant a shade tree

Block the sunlight from coming through the windows to reduce the energy needed to cool your home.

2. Use hand tools

Conserve energy and benefit from exercise by replacing weed whackers with clippers, leaf blowers with rakes, and riding lawnmowers with push mowers.

3. Seek alternative modes of transportation

Leave the car at home for short trips. Walk or ride a bike instead.

4. Compost for garden use

Create a compost pile for rich, environmentally-friendly fertilizer and reduce the need to run the garbage disposal.

5. Research lighting options

Choose energy-saving alternatives like solar yard lights, motion sensor lights and ENERGY STAR® bulbs.


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