January 22, 2018

Enercare discovers many Ontarians are failing to ensure a healthy home

We’re always curious to learn more about consumer behaviour, so that’s why we recently commissioned a survey. 

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Enercare partnered with Ipsos and surveyed 800 Ontario homeowners and discovered that nearly half of Ontario households are unaware of the impact air quality and water purification has on their family’s health. Results also reveal that nearly half of Ontarians aren’t doing enough to purify their air and tap water

Never before has health and wellness been as valued as it is today, with so many technologies and tools available for consumers to monitor their health. Yet, the Ipsos survey showed that many people in Ontario are not thinking about the role the health of their home plays in their overall well-being and the long-term impact of the quality of their air and water supply has on their families.

In fact, out of the 800 Ontario homeowners polled in December 2017, the survey found:

41% have never had their air ducts cleaned
28% do not know where the air ducts in their home are located
73% of people have never tested the quality of their home’s tap water
48% do not do anything to purify their tap water

Considering the way a home’s health can impact a family, making a few simple changes can significantly enhance the quality of the air and water in a home. For instance, having air ducts cleaned can remove mold, fungus, pet hair, and construction debris and prevent all that debris from being distributed throughout the home. The Ipsos survey revealed that 68% of Ontarians have no idea how much debris is in their ducts.

Homeowners can also invest in a water filtration system, such as a reverse osmosis system, which removes contaminants from their water supply.

“At Enercare, we never stop thinking about the health of your home, and we remain committed to the goal of providing consumers with peace of mind. What we have seen in recent years is the surge in health and wellness awareness, but we have noticed that water and air are rarely top of mind,” says Al Shulman, VP of sales and marketing at Enercare. “Enercare’s healthy home campaign has the goal of generating awareness among Ontario homeowners so that they think more about whole home health.”

“Living in Canada, we often take the air we breathe and the water we drink for granted; never giving much thought to how it affects our overall health,” says alternative medicine expert and healthy home proponent, Bryce Wylde. “I am excited to be partnering with Enercare on this initiative as I am a huge advocate of implementing simple healthy solutions such as duct cleaning or whole home water filtration systems, to boost your health.

Enercare surprises Toronto consumers with Kare Air and Water Boutique

In December 2017, Enercare covertly opened the Kare Air and Water Boutique in Toronto’s bustling Distillery District. The public was invited in to sample exclusive merchandise, including bottles of purified air and water.

What consumers did not know was that hidden cameras were set up within the store to capture reactions as brand ambassadors walked people through the experience. The goal was to inform the public of the potentially unpurified air and water in their homes, educating them on chemicals and contaminants that could be hiding in their air and water.

“We wanted to reach consumers in an unexpected and engaging way to get them thinking about their home health,” said Al Shulman, VP of sales and marketing at Enercare. “The reactions we were able to capture as products were tested and the surprise was revealed, demonstrates the need for increased education around home health.”

To see consumer reactions, please see below.



Family on the couch

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