September 21, 2018

Enercare Smarter Home Door Lock

The Enercare Smarter Home Door Lock is a smart approach to security and a connected home. 

Gone are the days when you are left worrying if your door is left unlocked or if your keys are lost. The Enercare Smarter Home Door Lock is a smart approach to security and a connected home. Unlock your front door remotely for visitors, monitor who is entering and leaving your home while you're away with custom codes and receive real-time notifications - all from your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

Alert are smart:

Receive instant text or email alerts at anytime from anywhere in the world when your front door is unlocked for easy monitoring and complete awareness.

Solutions are Smarter:

Solutions right at your fingertips - lock or unlock your door for a loved one who has forgotten their keys or accidently left the door unlocked, right from the Enercare Smarter Home mobile app.


  • Instantly unlock or lock your door from anywhere in the world, right from the Enercare Smarter Home mobile app
  • Create unique user codes for visitors so you know who is entering your home. Set custom rules to enable certain user codes to work during scheduled times for complete customized automation and security
  • Receive real-time text or email notifications when your door is unlocked, keeping you informed of who is in your home when you're not there


  • Know when your family gets home and easily make sure your house is locked when you need it to be
  • Peace of mind security and access, so you'll never worry about misplacing your keys or being locked out of your home
  • Notifications when you forget to lock the door so you can ensure your home is safe and secure even when you're not there



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