April 3, 2017

What does a water softener do & how much salt does it use?

Learn more about salt and how it affects a water softener. 

Home Water Softening & The Salt It Uses

Water is something that our body needs on a daily basis. Because water is such a common factor in our lives, we often forget how important it is in the home. Water is actually a tool that is used to provide us with something to drink, cook with, wash with, etc. in the home on a daily basis. Your home may have hard water, which needs to be treated so that you can carry on with regular use of the liquid. To solve hard water problems, a water softener is used.

Water often has high levels of magnesium and calcium which can lead to hard water. With hard water, soap and detergent is no longer as effective. Laundry and dish washing isn’t as effective as well as trying to wash the body. You may feel a film on yourself after a shower due to the soap not fully dissolving. The plumbing system of the home can also be affected. Deposits of calcium and magnesium can build up in your plumbing system which can lead to a reduced flow of water as well as clogging.

Fixing the Problem

The solution to hard water in the home is a water softener. A water softener is an appliance that is connected to the water supply of your home. The unit will exchange the bad minerals and make the water softer. In most cases the water softener uses sodium, or as we know it, salt. The process of the unit is known as an ion exchange.

The water softener will have a mineral tank that will be filled with resin or zeolite beads. These beads will carry a negative charge while the minerals that need to be removed have a positive charge. As the hard water moves through the tank, the minerals will cling to the resin or zeolite beads. Sodium ions have a positive charge and the brine solution created from the salt will help to flush out the beads that are saturated with magnesium and calcium. The brine solution works well to help remove the bad minerals from your water, thereby softening the water you use in the home.

How Much Salt is Used?

When one thinks of salt and water, often the ocean comes to mind. Salt and water just don’t mix. With a water softener, the salt is not in the drinking water but used in a separate tank to help remove the positive charge of the magnesium and calcium. The amount of salt you use will be determined by the type of water softener you have installed in the home as well as the hardness of the water coming into your home.

At Enercare, we can provide you with water softening solutions including rental water softeners and assist with the installation, as well as helping you to understand how salt plays a part in getting rid of hard water. Take a look at the water softening products we can provide to find the perfect fit for your home.  


Learn how water softeners can be of benefit to the home.

April 3, 2017
Learn how hard water impacts the plumbing and appliances in your home and how a home water softener solves hard water issues.