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Enercare Connections leads the industry in intelligent sub-metering service and solutions, and produces case studies or hosts events that move the sub-metering industry forward.

Evaluating the Impact of Sub-metering: Residents Reduce Electricity Usage by 40%

By putting residents in control of their utilities, building owners and operators shed a significant amount of operating costs by holding residents accountable for their own usage. Navigant Consulting, an expert research firm in the energy industry, analyzed a portfolio of 1,500 non-electrically heated multi-residential units and found broad-based benefits to electricity sub-metering.

Quick facts:

  • On average, the switch from sub-metering leads to a 139 kWh per unit decrease in monthly electricity usage in the first year, representing a 40% reduction. These savings persist largely unchanged over time.
  • If sub-metering were to be implemented in every eligible multi-residential building in Ontario, the result would equal $1.2 billion in avoided costs related to generating, transmitting and delivering incremental amounts of electricity over a 20 year period.

The benefits of sub-metering for landlords and property managers are equally significant:

  • For a typical 150 unit condominium building, switching to sub-metering results in $93,600 of annual savings for the condominium corporation.1
  • Retrofitting a 150 unit rental building with electricity sub-metering results in a 92,300 kWh reduction or $33,800 savings to the building owner per year.1

Download the full case study.

Download the detailed Navigant Consulting report.


Designing for Complexity: How to Optimize Metering in Mixed-use Developments

As the number of mixed-use developments continue to grow, appropriate integration of sub-metering systems, especially in new construction developments, is critical to protect the building owner and ensure fair cost allocation. Enercare Connections sat down with Omar Salihbegovic, an electrical engineering associate with WSP Canada, to hear his perspective and best practices on sub-metering in mixed-use developments.

Download the article.



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1 Savings calculated by applying Enercare analysis to Navigant study findings. Rental building savings calculation assumes that 40% of residents are in sub-metered suites. On average, Enercare Connections sub-metering program penetration in a rental apartment starts at 16% in the first year and increases to over 40% after 8 years.

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