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August 2019

The Facts about Sub-metering

Ephram Spiegelman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Enercare Connections

A sure sign of an emerging consumer or business trend “going mainstream” is a sudden smokescreen of confusion and misinformation about its facts and benefits – and today’s rapid adoption of utility sub-metering is no exception. Read on to learn the facts about sub-metering.

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August 2019

The Art of Caring: Achieving Meaningful Results from Investing in a New Customer Service Strategy

Kevin Neild, Vice President, Customer Operations and Planning, Enercare Connections

Learn how Enercare Connections has reinvented itself to become an industry leader in customer service that far surpasses the baseline set by the Ontario Energy Board’s standards.

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July 2019

Sub-metering 101

So, exactly what is sub-metering?

Many multi-residential buildings have one central or bulk meter, and landlords, property managers, condominium corporations or building owners are responsible for the building’s entire utility consumption. This can result in unfair allocation costs to both residents and property managers.

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June 2019

Customer Service Award Winners Announced at the 22nd Annual CSPN Conference

2019 recipients of the Customer Obsessed Team Award included Enercare Connections.

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May 2019

Uncovering Cost-Saving Opportunities for Building Owners, Property Managers and Developers

Megan Dion, Client Manager, Enercare Connections

Did you know? At Enercare Connections, our in-house team of knowledgeable, data-driven Client Managers work directly with Building Owners, Property Managers and Developers to uncover operational cost-savings and provide peace of mind in several ways.

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April 2019

Thermal Sub-metering Warming Up In Canada

Ephram Spiegelman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Enercare Connections and
Wilson Chung, Director of Engineering and Quality Management System, Enercare Connections

In contrast to typical utility sub-metering that involves installing separate electricity meters in each building room or space, next-generation thermal sub-metering devices measure the amount of energy required to heat and cool individual building units.

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April 2019

Ensuring Accuracy Year after Year

Andrew Kusmierek, P.Eng., Senior Manager, Technical Regulatory Compliance, Enercare Connections

Did you know? When we seal and inspect metering systems, we are representing Measurement Canada and working on their behalf.

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February 2019

Getting a Return on Your Investment

Joe Assenza, Director Client Management, Enercare Connections

Making the shift to sub-metering is a long-term investment that can help you realize significant cost savings. At Enercare Connections, we know that it’s important to ensure this change continues to bring you benefits, long after the meters have been installed and ‘energized.’

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January 2019

Taking a ‘Team-First’ Mentality

Ephram Spiegelman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Enercare Connections

What a thrill it was to hear this message directly from former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Wendel Clark as he addressed our guests of developers and property managers during our 5th annual Thought Leadership event.

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July 2018

Making the Right Energy Management Decision

Wilson Chung, Director of Engineering and Quality Management System, Enercare Connections

Sub-metering is changing. Simple metering solutions have been replaced by highly technical and connected systems that create smart buildings and give you greater clarity in energy usage patterns. But the options and number of choices can often feel overwhelming. In a sector that’s constantly changing and evolving, knowing what you’re looking for in a metering solution – from materials to long-term performance – will help you find the right service provider, and ultimately the right energy management partner.

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May 2018

Changing the Face of Customer Service

Kevin Neild, Vice President, Customer Operations and Planning, Enercare Connections

The customer service team is a crucial part of anyone’s business. They are often an organization’s first point of contact with existing or potential customers – whether they are setting up a new service, updating an existing account or experiencing an issue. One interaction with this frontline team is enough to leave a lasting impression about a brand.

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March 2018

Alberta Energy Market

Ephram Spiegelman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Enercare Connections

Alberta is known as Canada’s energy province. With access to oil, natural gas, coal and minerals, the province has a diverse energy portfolio. However, the energy market in Alberta is changing.

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January 2018

Dispelling the Myths of Sub-Metering

John Piercy, President, Enercare Connections

In the ongoing pursuit by businesses for energy efficient tools to help combat climate change and find operational savings, there are few options as effective as sub-metering.

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January 2016

Evaluating the Impact of Sub-metering: Residents Reduce Electricity Usage by 40%

Navigant Consulting Ltd.

By putting residents in control of their utilities, building owners and operators shed a significant amount of operating costs by holding residents accountable for their own usage. Navigant Consulting, an expert research firm in the energy industry, analyzed a portfolio of 1,500 non-electrically heated multi-residential units and found broad-based benefits to electricity sub-metering.

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