It’s no secret. Sub-metering and savings go hand in hand.

We’re all trying to do our part to reduce the amount of energy we consume in our homes — or in the multi-residential buildings we manage, right Ephram?

Enercare Connections provides electricity, water, gas and thermal sub-metering solutions and metered services for multi-residential and commercial buildings across Canada.

Information for tenants or residents:

  • Sub-metering facts: learn about the ways metered services can benefit you.
  • Do you live in a metered building and need help with billing or account inquires? Get help here.

For property managers, landlords, developers, and building owners:

Learn how sub-metering can transform your building into an efficient, high-performing asset with no upfront capital investment - new construction or retrofit.

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Sub-metering with Enercare

We provide a turnkey solution that spans from sub-metering system design, installation, billing, and customer service.

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