Moving In

Please note that you are responsible for your unit’s utility charges from the day you take possession, if you are a unit owner, or from the move-in date indicated on your lease agreement with your landlord.

Starting an account

There are several ways to start an Enercare metered services account, including:

Upon account setup, you can expect to receive a welcome letter mailed or emailed to you with your account number and customer verification number. Using this, you can register for MyEnercare online portal.

See Information for New Customers

Moving Out

Closing your metered services account

Customers are responsible for all charges until their account is closed. Please provide notice one month before moving out. To close your metered services account, you will be asked to provide your move-out date as well as a forwarding address so that a final bill and/or refund cheque can be mailed for any amount remaining on your account. You may make final arrangements for your metered services account by:

  • Completing the online moving out form at MyEnercare 

  • Calling the Customer Care Centre at 1 866-449-4423

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