Enercare Connections, Canada’s largest non-utility sub-metering provider for multi-residential and commercial buildings, is taking the lead on offering thermal metering technology to Canadian developers.

Thermal metering, also known as BTU or heat metering, enables the measurement of energy used for heating and cooling individual units in a multi-residential building. Thermal meters are installed in buildings with centralized hydronic HVAC systems at the construction stage. With thermal metering, building owners, property managers and residents are all able to control heating and cooling costs due to unit-specific usage information being made readily available.

How thermal metering works

Thermal meters measure the amount of heat added or removed from each unit. The meters measure the temperature difference of the heat exchange liquid on the supply and return pipes, as well as the flow of the heat exchange liquid to calculate the amount of thermal energy used. For glycol heat pump systems, a correction factor is applied to account for the capacity to carry heat.

Thermal metering systems can be installed on 2-pipe or 4-pipe heating and cooling systems. For multi-residential buildings, thermal meters are typically installed inside the fan coil or heat pump unit. This leverages available space while allowing cost efficiencies. The thermal calculator can be mounted on individual mounting brackets or with the thermal meter. Enercare will work directly with the fan coil manufacturer for factory installation. By installing the thermal meters at the source, it eliminates the risk of leakage and reduces warranty concerns by the fan manufacturer. This is a cost-effective process, removing the equipment for field installation. View more information and thermal metering diagram here

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World-class Thermal Meters

We are the exclusive non-utility carrier of thermal sub-meters from GWF Messesysteme in Ontario. Manufactured in Switzerland and deployed to measure both heating and cooling in residential, commercial and institutional applications, GWF thermal meters meet some of the highest international standards for accuracy and reliability, including EN 1434.

Key features of the GWF thermal meters include:

  • Swiss quality and precision, providing longer meter life and improved accuracy
  • M-Bus communications standard to provide absolute meter readings and power-over-M-Bus, which could lower installation costs
  • CF-51 and CF-55 commercial models can be adapted to any size pipe (both in-line and insertion meters)
  • Ultrasonic flow meter, meaning no moving parts are blocked
  • Flexible mounting options, translating into easy installation in fan coil/heat pump factory or retrofit at site

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