Welcome to Enercare Connections.

As a valued customer you have our commitment to supply reliable metered services. Metering equipment has been installed in your building, which allows you to monitor and control costs for services such as electricity, water, thermal energy or gas, as applicable, supplied to your suite.

Each month, you will receive a bill for your metered services based on the actual consumption in your suite. This means you’re no longer subsidizing your neighbour’s usage.

All our electricity metering equipment has been extensively tested and meets the accuracy standards of Measurement Canada.

Your First Bill

Your first bill will arrive 6 to 8 weeks after your move-in date. As a new customer, you will see a one-time account setup fee and a security deposit installment on your bill. All customers are required to pay a security deposit, unless a condition to waive the deposit has been met. More details about security deposits are found below.

Your first bill will include a one-time account setup fee, the first of six security deposit installments, and consumption charges for your first billing period. Bills are issued on a monthly basis and are due 16 days after the date issued.

Your building may receive metered services for electricity, water, thermal energy and/or gas supplied. This sample bill outlines the standard charges if your building has all of these services.

See Sample Enercare Bill

Security Deposit

All customers are required to provide a security deposit when a new account is setup. The deposit will be applied to your account over six equal monthly installments and will be returned after one year (with good payment history on the account) or if the account is closed. Interest will be accrued monthly on the security deposit at the prime lending rate set by the Bank of Canada less 2%.

In accordance with our Conditions of Service, the security deposit will be waived for residential customers if one of the following conditions is met:

  • Enroll in a Pre-authorized Payment Plan
  • Provide a letter from a licensed electricity or gas utility confirming recent good payment history with that utility for a period of one year during the previous 24 months
  • If you have a previous account with Enercare, have good payment history for a period of one year during the previous 24 months
  • Provide a recent credit score of 700 or better from Equifax or TransUnion
  • Or if you are an eligible low-income consumer in Ontario and you request a waiver of the security deposit and meet the conditions under the Ontario Unit Sub-metering Code


As a new customer, you enjoy 24/7 access to your services on MyEnercare where you can monitor consumption, check your account balance, review monthly bills and more. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Centre at 1 866-449-4423.

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