We’re here to help administer the sub-metering program but there are some important details to remember when managing residents.


It’s important to notify Enercare of a resident move-in to ensure accurate and timely issuance of bills. The resident’s first bill will arrive 6 to 8 weeks after the move-in date provided to us. Residents may enroll in the sub-metering program by:

Account setup for leased condominium units

Where a condominium unit owner leases out their unit to a tenant and electricity is not included in the rent, the tenant will also need to setup an Enercare account prior to moving in through one of the steps listed above.


When planning to move-out, residents are responsible for contacting us to close their account. This can be done online at or by calling the Customer Care Centre at 1 866-449-4423. This allows us to obtain a move-out date and forwarding address where the final bill and/or refund cheque for any credit remaining on the account can be sent. If the resident has supplied you with notice that they will be vacating the unit, please remind them to contact us directly to close their account.


What happens if the resident does not close their account?

If an account remains open, bills will continue to be issued which may lead to service disconnection due to non-payment. This may impact any new residents that have moved into the unit and also result in disconnection charges.

Building Audit Program

Enercare’s Building Audit Program improves billing service by ensuring all residents in a building eligible for sub-metering are enrolled and being billed for their consumption. It’s a service we provide to make life easier for landlords and property managers and to recuperate utility expenses.

In an audit, account records are compared with the rental apartment’s rent roll, identifying discrepancies in tenant details and program start and end dates. The resulting audit report outlines actions required to reconcile the records between Enercare and each building. This ensures that the landlord or property manager is not paying for a resident’s consumption.

Resident billing and account inquiries

Should residents have account or billing inquiries, they may directly contact our in-house Customer Care Centre.


MyEnercare Portal

All residents with an active account can access MyEnercare, a convenient online portal that allows residents to view their account and manage consumption. Through the portal, residents can:

  • Access current and historical bills, up to 18 months
  • View their hourly energy consumption
  • Compare their usage to the building average
  • View current rates and charges
  • Self-enroll into paperless e-billing and pre-authorized payment plan
  • Update their account details and close the account when moving out


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