Traditionally utilities, whether electricity, water, or gas, are supplied to a building through a bulk meter where the building owner or operator is responsible for utility costs. These costs are passed on to residents through set rental rates or maintenance fees. As a building owner or property manager, you’re faced with the challenge of managing rising utility costs, the pressure to maintain competitive rental rates and sale prices, and to keep building operations efficient.

Sub-metering is the installation of meters downstream from the main supply of electricity, water or gas, measuring the consumption of individual units and allowing for fair allocation of costs based on actual consumption. With sub-metering, residents are responsible for their own consumption, no longer subsidizing their neighbours’ usage, while building owners and property managers net operating income is improved.

Sub-metering applications

Whether a multi-residential or mixed-use building, existing building or new construction, we have the experience, knowledge, equipment and staff required to ensure a quality sub-metering installation. Read more about sub-metering for existing multi-residential buildings and new construction developments.

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More than just a sub-metering provider

Enercare can also supply and service your mechanical systems.

The Impact of Sub-metering

The case for sub-metering is clear; it’s a win-win situation. Navigant Consulting Ltd recently issued a report evaluating the impact of sub-metering on multi-residential electricity consumption and the potential economic and environmental impact on Ontario.

The findings

  • Electricity sub-metering in multi-residential buildings leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. On average, converting from bulk billing to sub-metering is estimated to yield electricity savings of 34%.
  • If all eligible multi-residential buildings, both condominiums and rental buildings, were sub-metered in Ontario, the economic and environmental benefits would be significant.

How Sub-metering with Enercare Works

We provide a turnkey solution that spans from sub-metering system design, installation, billing, and customer service. We will:

  1. Go through a detailed assessment of your building or new construction program and recommend a sub-metering solution
  2. Manage the installation of equipment, abiding by strict quality and service standards
  3. Issue monthly bills to residents and building owners or operators based on actual consumption
  4. Manage metering equipment maintenance and collections
  5. Provide ongoing customer service
  6. Partner with onsite staff to implement and manage the sub-metering program


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