Sub-metering Facts

Often, a multi-residential building has one central or bulk meter, and landlords, property managers, condominium corporations or building owners are responsible for the building’s entire utility consumption. This can result in unfair allocation of energy costs to you. Implementing sub-metering allows measurement of individual unit consumption, and allows you to be billed for your own consumption.  

This ‘user pay’ system helps you understand how behaviour drives energy costs, and motivates change in behaviour, often resulting in less energy consumed. In turn, landlords, condominium boards, property managers and others can mitigate their exposure to frequent utility rate increases and unpredictable residential use – savings that can be passed onto building residents.

Enercare Connections provides sub-metering services and solutions for electricity, water, thermal and gas consumption in the multi-residential and commercial sectors. We deliver the highest level of professionalism and expertise in the industry when it comes to design, installation and ongoing service. We use Canadian and Swiss made equipment – high quality, reliable long lasting products that meet the stringent Canadian approvals of Measurement Canada. Here are some of the ways that metered services can benefit you.

Get to take control of energy use and water consumption

  • Get accurate and detailed information to help you understand, monitor and conserve.
  • Pay only for what you use and see the direct financial benefits of reducing your consumption.
  • Each month, you will receive a bill for your metered services based on the actual consumption in your suite. This means you’re no longer subsidizing your neighbours’ usage.
  • Average electricity use reduced by 34% for non-electricity-heated buildings.1

Sub-metering improves building operations management

Utility costs are one of the highest expenditures for a building. By sub-metering, building owners and operators are able to better control operational costs, allowing them to focus on other priorities. Resulting savings for the building can then be diverted to the building reserve fund or to other areas that need attention.

Are you a building owner, developer, or property manager? Read about sub-metering for existing buildings or new construction developments.


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