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Regulate Air Quality with Air Make-Up Units

A new air make-up unit will supply fresh, filtered air to your occupants while maintaining positive air pressure in your building.

Make-up air units provide cool or heated air to your building, replacing air that has been ventilated out, as well as old and stale air. Make-up air units are needed where large volumes of air are being exhausted. They supply healthy air to people indoors where they live, work, and play. By pulling fresh air from the outside to the inside of your building, make-up air units improve indoor air quality. For buildings where frequent ventilation is needed to ensure the health and safety of occupants, make-up air units can be crucial. For many commercial buildings, make-up air units can be more effective and energy-efficient than typical ventilation fans. In industrial facilities such as factories, managers must take care to ensure that the ventilation meets safety standards.1

Typical Applications Include:

Multi-Residential Buildings


Manufacturing facilities


Office buildings

Shopping Malls

What’s positive air pressure, and why is it important?

Units can also provide positive air pressure. Positive air pressure occurs when the air pressure inside the building is greater than the outside, allowing air to flow out of the building.2 A lack of makeup air could increase a building’s heating and cooling costs, and potentially reduce the useful life of mechanical equipment. In restaurants, make-up air units can keep odors out of dining areas, prevent carbon monoxide buildup, and decrease the risk of back drafting.3

Have you ever thought about renting?

Our technicians and Energy Management Consultants are experienced in identifying and correcting negative air pressures. We’ll customize a make-up air unit to match the volume of air that is exhausted from your building. With properly sized equipment and regular maintenance, Enercare will keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency. Plus, with the Enercare Advantage™ program, upgrade your equipment for $0 upfront4 and you could also benefit from:

Design & Install

  • Industry leading products, featuring brands like Armstrong Air, GSW and Rinnai
  • NEW energy-efficient equipment to offset your carbon footprint
  • Quality installations done right the first time

Service & Maintainance

  • HVAC maintenance to keep your equipment safe and efficient
  • Performed by fully-licensed and insured technicians
  • Priority service through our 24/7/365 call centre

Value Creation

  • Utility rebates application support on eligible equipment
  • Invest in other business improvement projects
  • No-cost transfer on sale of property

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