Together, we will become a positive force for change.

We believe we all have a role to play in building a more sustainable future. To empower our customers and communities to take action, we provide accessible and sustainable solutions that make homes and buildings more efficient and less carbon-intensive. By working together with our customers, communities, team members and other stakeholders, we know that we can achieve our shared sustainability ambitions and create a better future for generations to come.

As we advance on our sustainability journey, people are our driving force. That’s why we keep the safety of our customers, team members, and communities front of mind in everything we do. We also believe that positive environmental and social change is underpinned by good governance, so we are committed to accountable and transparent management practices to build and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

Together, we can reduce our environmental footprint, make the buildings where we live and work more resilient, and become a positive force for change.

A Message from our CEO 

At Enercare, we believe that it is a privilege to be welcomed into the places where people live and work, and we recognize our responsibility to do good for our customers, our employees, our communities, our stakeholders and our environment. Driven by this responsibility, Enercare will continue to bring Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters to the forefront.

Nick Perreten
President and CEO, Enercare Inc.

Green Starts at Home: Enercare’s Commitment to ESG 

Our inaugural ESG report highlights our positive environmental, social and governance impacts to date and shares our future ambitions as we advance on our journey toward sustainability.

Enercare Joins Habitat for Humanity as Sustainable Homes Partner

In November 2023, Enercare and Habitat for Humanity Canada launched a new Sustainable Homes Partnership to reduce emissions and create more affordable homes in the communities we serve. ​

Over three years, Enercare will become the largest funder of Habitat for Humanity Canada’s Sustainability Grants program to date. The initiative supports the upfront investment required to build more affordable and energy efficient homes in communities across Canada. Energy efficient homes pass savings onto homeowners – a past Habitat for Humanity project, Quebec’s InnovHaus, was calculated to have reduced utility costs up to 90%. Enercare is working with Habitat Canada to not just build more homes with families, but to build more sustainably to ensure that these homes remain affordable for families for many years to come.​

“The Sustainable Homes Partnership is an important step forward in our commitment to making sustainable homes a reality for more families. As Habitat Canada’s largest sustainability supporter to date, Enercare’s contributions will help us build lasting, energy-efficient homes. With Enercare’s support, we’re excited to fund 17 more sustainability-focused grants for local Habitats over the coming three years. Together, we’re building sustainable communities, one home at a time.” ​

– Julia Deans, Habitat for Humanity Canada President and CEO​

The partnership will support 17 grants and numerous new builds by 2026, while bringing the passion and skills of Enercare’s team to the building process. ​

“We are on a sustainability journey to enable more equitable access to solutions that help lower emission in the places people live, work and play. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity Canada will allow us to do just that. And, importantly, working with Habitat Canada will give us an opportunity to live our purpose and values.”​

– Nick Perreten, Enercare Inc. CEO 

Responsible Operations and Supply Chain

Enercare’s 2023 Report sets out how we identify, prevent and assess the risk of forced labour and child labour in our business activities and supply chains.