With a new rooftop heating and cooling unit you’ll spend less time managing building comfort and more time managing your business. New technology and high-efficiency equipment will lower your energy costs and improve indoor air quality.

A rooftop unit (RTU) combines heating, ventilating, and air conditioning in one, and are typically installed on the roof of a building. They can vary in size, ranging from 3 to 40 tons, or larger. Their typical useful life is 15 to 20 years, though RTUs older than 10 years can be inefficient and waste money in energy.1 The most efficient RTUs can be up to 50% more efficient than those available 10 years ago, and these energy savings originate from a variety of new features, including:1

  • Variable- or multi-speed fan control
  • Integrated economizer control
  • Demand-controlled ventilation
  • Advanced thermostat control
  • Remote monitoring and communication
  • Demand management

By replacing or upgrading your RTU, you could increase energy efficiency to help save on energy costs, improve comfort for employees and customers, and reduce your impact on the environment.

The scenarios in the chart show the 10 year projected costs of a 5 ton high-efficiency rooftop unit. Customer B is able to rent a rooftop unit and save money. 

Item Customer A owns Customer B rents
Purchase price plus installation2 $16,088 $0
Maintenance costs3 $10,000 $0
Standard repairs4 $9,400 $0
Rental cost5 $0 $32,938
Tax benefit ($6,510)6 ($8,729)7
Total operating cost $28,978 $24,209

Choosing the right rooftop unit

Choosing the right rooftop heating and cooling unit is an important decision and can have a significant impact to your bottom line. With an average of 22 years' experience, our technician team has the expertise to install units from 3 tons to more than 100 tons cooling capacity. We’ll help you find the right solution to meet your exact business needs.

Plus, with the Enercare Advantage™ program, upgrade your equipment for $0 upfront8 and you could also benefit from:

  • Industry leading products, featuring brands like Armstrong Air, GSW and Rinnai
  • NEW energy-efficient equipment to offset your carbon footprint
  • Quality installations done right the first time
  • HVAC maintenance to keep your equipment safe and efficient
  • Performed by fully-licensed and insured technicians
  • Priority service through our 24/7/365 call centre
  • Utility rebates application support on eligible equipment
  • Invest in other business improvement projects
  • No-cost transfer on sale of property

Enercare | Heating Cooling Rooftop Units

With Enercare, upgrading to a new rooftop heating and cooling unit is an easy process. We’ll assess your heating and cooling needs and provide you with information to make an informed business decision. Call 1 855-321-1508 to arrange a visit from one of our Energy Management Consultants.