Invite guests for a comfortable experience at your Hotel this cooling season

A new cooling system will help maintain a comforable enviroment for your guests. By using our Enercare Advantage TM program – your installation includes service and repair!

Check-in to comfort and check-out of costly breakdowns

We know managing a hotel is a big job. We also know untimely equipment breakdowns can be expensive and impact guest satisfaction. Keeping your guests comfortable shouldn’t cause you discomfort. Talk to us about solutions to save you time and money.

Heating season is around the corner – are you ready?

Upgrade or service your unit now to get you and your guests through the highs and lows of Canadian weather. Act now – the window is closing fast.

Rooftop Air Conditioner Unit (RTU) – Your RTU is critical to your operation and resident comfort – providing cooling, dehumidification, heating, and even fresh air all in one unit.
Heating Boilers – If you think a new heating boiler has to be expensive, think again. Our flexible rental and payment options can make it possible.

Don’t forget about make-up air

Without a balanced air ventilation system, your HVAC equipment has to work even harder, shortening its useful life. A make-up air unit (MAU) can help save on maintenance and energy costs. MAUs can improve indoor air quality and provide better heating and cooling circulation.

Personalized comfort without the noise

With a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, you can give your guests personalized temperature control without disrupting their sleep. VRFs are quieter than a whisper and can fit into any space.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in lobbies, restaurants, and other high-traffic areas

Hospitality and Mechanical Systems


Our Featured Products

AAO Smith Cyclone BTH
  • ENERGY STAR® certified – Up to 98% thermal efficiency
  • Intelligent Demand Response control system, increasing the hot water availability when it’s needed most
Rheem G Series Water Heater
  • 80% thermal efficiency models that range from 125,000-399,900 Btu/h.
  • Water inlets/outlets offer the ultimate in installation flexibility.
Demand Duo 2™ Hybrid Water Heater
  • Lower energy cost with 97% Tankless Water Heater efficiency = lower cost of ownership.
  • Heats Water in Tankless – Zero Thermal Stress on Tank extending life expectancy
Tankless Rack System Tankless Water Heater
  • Lower energy cost with 97% Tankless Water Heater efficiency = lower cost of ownership
  • Two tankless units equally share the load, provide redundancy and can tackle any commercial demand

Discover the Enercare Difference

  • Design, engineering, and support excellence – expect the industry’s best advice from our qualified technicians and consultants.
  • End-to-end project management – trust that your installation or servicing will be done the right way. We guarantee our work.1
  • We are all about choice – whether you buy, finance or rent, we will find the right solution for your business that fits your budget.
  • 24/7 emergency support – AM or PM, we will provide priority service when you need it most.
  • All Canadian – Enercare is proudly owned and operated in Canada.

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