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Commercial Heat Pumps

In the last 20 years, the use of heat pumps has increased 6 times in Canada1. Heat Pumps are a great energy-efficient solution for businesses, solving your heating and cooling needs.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a device powered by electricity that draws heat from a low-temperature area and transfers it to a higher-temperature area.1 Heat pump can replace a furnace and air conditioner by using electricity to provide heating and cooling to your building.  Due to their efficiency, heat pumps may reduce your energy consumption significantly compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.2

Heat pumps offer business owners and property managers an energy-efficient solution to heat, cool, and manage humidity in their buildings. As an affordable option for buildings with no ductwork or where ductwork is too expensive, heat pumps seamlessly integrate with a building’s current mechanical systems, making installation easy.

The Efficiency of Heat Pumps

Traditionally, space heating is provided by furnaces and boilers that heat the air by combusting fuel such as natural gas or heating oil. While the efficiency of furnaces and boilers has improved through time, it is still below 100%, which means that not all the available energy from combustion is utilized to heat the air1. Heat pumps work on a different principle than conventional HVAC equipment. Electric heat pumps utilize electricity to transfer thermal energy between two locations. This permits the heat pump to run more efficiently, with typical efficiencies exceeding 100%, meaning that more thermal energy is produced than the amount of electric energy consumed to pump it3.

GAHPs are ideal for:

Gas Heat Pumps

In addition to electric heat pumps, gas heat pumps are efficient for providing space heating, hot water, and even cooling. They work by extracting thermal energy from the outside air and transferring it into and out of buildings using natural gas.3 In the winter, this energy transfer cycle keeps buildings warm. In the summer, it’s nice and cool.

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GHPs may be considered for a variety of reasons:

  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce Green House Gas emissions.
  • Renewable natural gas and renewable hydrogen can be easily converted to low- and zero-carbon fuels.
  • Exceed codes and standards with more than 100% efficiency.
  • Natural gas may be used for both heating and cooling.3

Why Choose Enercare?

With over 50 years of installing, servicing, and maintaining mechanical equipment across the GTA, Enercare has the expertise and technical know-how to properly size and install your Heat Pump. Don’t put off important energy-efficient improvements to your commercial space. Plus, benefit from the Enercare AdvantageTM program and receive:

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Design & Install

  • Industry-leading products,
  • NEW energy-efficient equipment to offset your carbon footprint
  • Quality installations done right the first time
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Service & Maintainance

  • HVAC maintenance to keep your equipment safe and efficient
  • Performed by fully-licensed and insured technicians
  • Priority service through our 24/7/365 call centre
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  • Utility rebates application support on eligible equipment
  • Invest in other business improvement projects
  • No-cost transfer on sale of property

With Enercare, upgrading your building’s mechanical system is an easy process. Call 1-855-321-1508 to arrange a visit from one of our Energy Management Consultants. We have the expertise to install and service a wide range of heating boilers and hydronic boiler systems.

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