Upgrade Rebates & Incentives

We’re committed to reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. Our Energy Management Consultants stay on top of the latest government and energy incentive programs so that you receive the maximum rebates allowed.


We work closely with Enbridge, Union Gas and the Independent Electricity System Operator so that you don’t miss out on the variety of incentive programs. There is also the potential for additional energy savings with our Energy Audits. These are comprehensive, full building audits that target more efficient energy use. 

Here are just some of the rebate and incentives programs offered by local utilities and the various levels of the Canadian government:

We also offer many incentives and special promotions on our commercial products. Our Consultants will advise and work with you to find the combination of rebates, incentives, and special offers that offer you the most for your dollar.

Contact an Energy Management Consultant to discuss potential incentive programs.