Upgrade Rebates & Incentives

We’re committed to reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. Our Energy Management Consultants stay on top of the latest government and energy incentive programs so that you receive the maximum rebates allowed.


We work closely with Enbridge to stay on top of energy conservation incentives and rebates. We also offer Energy Audits to identify energy-saving opportunities. Understanding how and why energy is being used in your facility can help you find efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. Audits can reveal your greatest energy-saving potential, helping you to develop a plan for maximum energy efficiency and performance.

Here are just some of the rebates and incentive programs offered by Enbridge:

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We also offer many incentives and special promotions on our commercial products. Our consultants will advise and work with you to find the combination of rebates, incentives, and special offers that offer you the most for your dollar.

Retrofit Program

At Enercare, we’re committed to reducing your energy consumption and saving you money — including by staying on top of all the latest energy incentives and rebates that could benefit your business. Energy-efficient equipment can help your business reduce energy consumption, lower its carbon footprint and create a comfortable environment for customers and staff.

You could get up to 50% of your costs (to a maximum of $100,000 per project) for a range of retrofit projects that include boilers, water heating systems, building automation systems, heat recovery, and variable frequency drivers (VFDs) with the Commercial Custom Retrofit Program from Enbridge Gas. There’s never been a better time to upgrade or retrofit your commercial heating and cooling equipment to start enjoying these benefits.

Energy assessments and meters incentives:

Enbridge offers to help offset the cost of identifying and measuring energy-saving opportunities. Incentives1 are up to 50% of eligible costs to a certain maximum and can be used for energy audits, or meters.

Eligible energy audits include:

  • HVAC audits
  • Controls audits,
  • Thermal surveys,
  • Facility air balances
  • Benchmarking activities
  • Equipment upgrades analysis

Meters can be for measuring natural gas, steam, or hot water.

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Retrofit Program Fixed Incentive Program – Space Heating, Ventilation and Hot water

Speed up payback on equipment upgrades! Whether you’re replacing equipment or planning to buy new, this program makes it easy to reduce the cost of upgrading to energy-efficient natural gas technology.

Product incentives:

  • Shorten wash cycles and drying times.
  • Extend fabric life and disinfect laundry.
  • Wash large volumes of laundry faster and more efficiently.
  • Reduce the use of natural gas by using cold water.
  • Improve staff productivity and work environment.

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