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Assessing and understanding key mechanical systems of your building.

Validation, Inspection, and Equipment Walk-through (VIEW program)

Avoid costly downtime and repairs in your business

Consider how your mechanical equipment affects your business.    

Your business can benefit from reducing energy consumption by improving the performance and efficiency of your HVAC systems. Your bottom line may be negatively impacted by aging and substandard equipment. By knowing your equipment better and implementing the appropriate upgrades, your business can benefit from lower maintenance and operating costs.

Why Choose the Enercare VIEW program?

Our expert in-house engineering team provides custom energy efficiency solutions – we carefully examine every area of your facility and then create solutions that are unique to your space.

Don’t leave money on the table – Properly size your equipment  

Having equipment with the wrong specifications can you cost thousands in added expense. In addition to assessing HVAC installations, we’ll help you understand if the equipment is properly sized and right for your application.   

Building an Action-Oriented Plan

  1. Equipment Inspection

An Enercare Technician will survey and assess the operating condition of your HVAC and hydronic equipment, detailing each unit on site.   

  1. Easy to Use Report with Engineered-Reviewed Recommendations

Based on the survey, an exhaustive report will be prepared.

The standard report includes:   

  • An executive summary highlighting the key findings 
  • Summary equipment status and needed repairs
  • Budgetary estimates for repairs 
  • 10-year capital budget forecast for equipment replacement (If applicable)
  • Detailed evaluations forms for each unit
  •  Site Map and equipment layout 
  • Equipment Photos
  • In-Person presentation and results  
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When to get an inspection?

The VIEW equipment Evaluation Program is valuable for:

  • Validating legacy equipment purchased through a building acquisition 
  • Implementing an inventory management system
  • Capital budgeting and strategic planning 
  • Managing contacts and assessing whether installations have been completed in accordance with applicable regulations and manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Identifying energy conservation initiatives  


The VIEW equipment Evaluation Program is ideal for:


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Multi-residential buildings

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Retirement Communities

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