Our frontline team of technicians are committed to health and safety

Technicians are equipped with the proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and use the highest degree of safety to continue to ensure the health and wellness of your occupants.

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

Our top priority is always the health and safety of our customers. With an average of over 25 years industry experience, our frontline team of technicians are licensed at the highest levels with Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) as well as the College of Trades. They also take part in corporate health and safety programs and policies.

Our technicians are trained to identify and assess any safety hazards or threats in the field. To take essential safety precautions, our technicians are equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as applicable, including:

  • Safety Gloves designed to offer protect against hazards to the hands
    • (i) Cut Resistant Gloves for sharp objects
    • (ii) Neoprene Gloves for impact hazards that feature chemical and wear resistant properties
    • (iii) Nitrile Gloves for viruses, bacterial and chlorinated solvents.
  • Safety Glasses impact-resistant eye protection that offers protection against flying particles
    • (i) 3M™ Solus Protective Eyewear used for frilled, chipping and chiseling
    • (ii) 3M AF GEAR SPLASH Guard Safety Goggles used when there is a risk of liquid, vapour (e.g. refrigerant) or dust/airborne particles or microscopic water droplets from entering the eyes
  • Respirator to prevent the potential of airborne particles and biohazards, blocking at least 99.999% of small and large particles.
  • Face Shields* covers the user’s eyebrow to below the chin, and entire width of the head and it is used to protect the technician’s entire face from dangerous liquids and chemicals.
  • White Dust Mask ideal for keeping dust, pollutants and allergens at bay.
  • As well as Hard Hats, Work Books, Protective Clothing, Earplugs and Hand Sanitizer.

We ensure that our technicians have the support they need to succeed. By enforcing safety standards, Enercare is committed to working with business owners and property managers to ensure the health and wellness of your building occupants.