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New condensing boilers have efficiencies in the mid-to-high 90 percent. A well-maintained boiler provides consistent and interrupted heating. Upgrade today!

Get a new commercial boiler before January 2025 to take advantage of current pricing, a wider range of equipment options, and energy efficiency incentives.

Starting in 2025, all new boilers manufactured for commercial use must be at least 90% efficient and will transition away from Category I venting, which is how most boiler systems work today*. Venting categories cannot be combined, therefore there may be implications to other equipment within the same room. Book your no-obligation assessment today to find out the potential impact this will have on your building and capital budgets.

Now is an excellent time to consult with one of our boiler experts about your current equipment and the best long- and short-term solutions for your business. Book an assessment with one of our experts today! We can identify which equipment is the best solution for you based on your business’ needs. After the initial assessment, we will provide options based on your specific needs and budget.

Maintaining a comfortable environment for your occupants, employees and customers is an important part of doing business. Industrial and Commercial boiler systems are more conducive to larger spaces as they work more efficiently than other heating systems in this setting.

The best commercial boiler will not last forever. Boilers typically last up to 15 years. A working commercial boiler will be crucial for a variety of environments to ensure temperatures do not get too cold indoors. If you know that your boiler system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be time to look at an upgrade before it completely shuts down. 

Typical applications for heating boilers include


Multi-Residential Buildings




Office Towers

Key indicators to consider in determining the best time to upgrade

If your boiler is more than 15 years old, has broken down a few times or is causing any of the issues noted below, it may be time for a new one. If you’re unsure about boiler replacement, an inspection by a licensed technician can tell you if your current unit is at the end of its useful life. 

Higher Costs

A spike in your monthly energy bills may indicate your boiler isn’t operating at peak efficiency.


A leaking boiler is likely reaching the end of its lifespan. You may need to have it replaced to avoid a breakdown or prevent flooding.

Inconsistent Temperatures

A swing in temperatures or a lack of heat in some rooms may mean the controls on your unit are malfunctioning.


If you see black soot or yellow flames around the burners, the fuel may not be burning properly, and you may also be at risk of carbon monoxide.

Upgrading to high-efficiency equipment means monthly energy savings and may allow you to take advantage of applicable government rebates. Government incentives are generally based on your new heating boiler capacity and the efficiency of your old equipment.

Heating technology has evolved at an incredible rate


More than 96 percent thermal efficiency is now feasible in boilers with capacities of up to 6 million BTU/hr. With a minimum supply gas pressure as low as four inches water column, some condensing boiler products can achieve this high efficiency. **


Installations are becoming more straightforward and less costly. Most commercial boilers were so enormous and clumsy fifty years ago that they had to be sawed apart to be removed from a building when their service life was up. Boilers today have a much slimmer design, but they are far more durable. It’s the internal advances that make boiler installation easier and less expensive. **.

Advances in fire-tube heat exchangers

Most innovative fire-tube designs enhance the life of the heat exchanger by allowing the tubes to flex. This lets them operate stress-free—without the adverse effects seen in earlier generations of fire-tube heat exchangers. **

Smoother, quieter modulating combustion

Without frequent on/off cycling, a modulating boiler system is particularly efficient. Units having a high turndown work quickly to match the real system demand when the system is zoned. By load-matching, the system’s heat loss decreases a building’s fuel bill and improves comfort.**


The Internet of Things (IoT) is being explored by facility executives. These include “smart” lighting, and boiler manufacturers are beginning to develop IoT solutions as well. Many of the world’s leading companies’ headquarters—and even their satellite offices around the world—are now served by networked boiler plants. These sophisticated technologies are helping in reducing facility heating costs while also improving performance.**

Greater Up-Time

Most cutting-edge boiler systems are built to provide consistent performance with minimal downtime. They achieve this by connecting many boilers in a sequence that ensures cascade redundancy if one unit is shut down for maintenance. Cascade redundancy, for example, automatically switches the lead role to the second sequence boiler whenever the lead boiler is being serviced.**

Need a New Boiler? Boiler Rental is a Great Option

Renting a boiler through Enercare AdvantageTM is a hassle-free, convenient option for business owners who don’t want to worry about any upfront payments, replacement or maintenance costs, or expensive service calls.*

Zero up-front costs*

Through our Enercare AdvantageTM rental program, you can get new high-efficiency equipment for $0 upfront.*

No cost for repairs*

Repairs for the lifetime of your equipment, plus priority appointment booking.


Maintenance on your boiler every two years.

See our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about boiler types, repair costs and maintenance tips.

Why Choose Enercare?

With over 50 years’ installing, servicing and maintaining mechanical equipment across the GTA, Enercare has the expertise and technical know-how to properly size and install your air purifier. Plus, benefit from the Enercare AdvantageTM program and receive:

Design & Install

  • Industry leading products, featuring brands like Armstrong Air, GSW and Rinnai
  • NEW energy-efficient equipment to offset your carbon footprint
  • Quality installations done right the first time

Service & Maintenance

  • HVAC maintenance to keep your equipment safe and efficient
  • Performed by fully-licensed and insured technicians
  • Priority service through our 24/7/365 call centre


  • Utility rebates application support on eligible equipment
  • Invest in other business improvement projects
  • No-cost transfer on sale of property

With Enercare, upgrading to a new heating boiler is an easy process. Call 1-855-321-1508 to arrange a visit from one of our Energy Management Consultants. We have the expertise to install and service a wide range of heating boilers and hydronic boiler systems.

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