We’re here to help you keep customers coming back

We know that the success of any restaurant depends on how much customers enjoy their dining experiences. A comfortable environment means more customers telling their friends and writing positive online reviews. 88% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Talk to us and get a head start on your next 5 star rating.

Water heaters are crucial to your business

A food premises’ hot water temperature must be at least 82°C (180°F) for cleaning and sanitation purposes. Why risk disrupting service by having an unreliable supply? Don’t close the doors on dinner, talk to us about how to keep your hot water flowing.

Rooftop Air Conditioner Unit (RTU) – your key to customer comfort

Customer discomfort can quickly turn a great dining experience into a negative review. A properly sized and operated rooftop unit is critical – providing cooling, dehumidification, heating and fresh air. Upgrade or service your unit now to get you through the highs and lows of Canadian weather.

Keep cooking odours in the kitchen with make-up air

Make-up air gives you better control of airflow to direct cooking odours away from your dining area. It also prevents your exhaust, heating and cooling systems from working  harder than they should. Maintain a comfortable customer experience and control energy costs by servicing or upgrading your make-up air system.

Equipment Inspection Program – save time and money

Do you know how much you’re spending on your HVAC next year? We know that running a restaurant is hectic and priorities can change in a moment’s notice. With energy costs making up a large part of operating budgets, getting help to identify inefficiencies can save thousands in unexpected expenses. Our equipment inspection program can give you peace of mind and help get your operations under control.



Discover the Enercare Difference

  • Design, engineering and support excellence – expect the industry’s best advice from our qualified technicians and consultants.
  • End-to-end project management – trust that your installation or servicing will be done the right way. We guarantee our work.1
  • We are all about choice – whether you buy, finance or rent, we will find the right solution for your business that fits your budget.
  • 24/7 emergency support – AM or PM, we will provide priority service when you need it most.
  • All Canadian – Enercare is proudly owned and operated in Canada.