a technician repairing an outdoor unit

Too Cold this heating season? Let Us Be Your HVAC Repair Experts

Call us today to dispatch our fully licensed commercial HVAC technicians and get your boiler, furnace or RTU equipment back in business!


Commercial HVAC Repair Service

Don’t let equipment failure keep your doors closed. Call Enercare today and finally return to normalcy! Our customer center is open 24/7/365 to assist you in booking a service call. Our support agents can get a technician to you quickly whenever you need emergency service, a regular service call, or an annual maintenance check. With over 20 on-staff licensed technicians and a network of supporting contractors, we can diagnose and resolve issues, and have your equipment up and running quickly.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Protection Plan

Our Commercial Heating and Cooling Protection Plans can help prevent unforeseen repair costs and improve HVAC performance. Sign up for a Commercial Heating and Cooling Protection Plan and get $0 parts and labor on your next repair1. In addition, our technicians also replace filters as needed, perform general operational and safety checkups, and maintain and clean your equipment to help ensure it will run as efficiently as possible. If you spend a lot on frequent repairs to fix aging and inefficient equipment, sign up for our Commercial Heating and Cooling Protection Plan!

Call 1-855-321-1508 and one of our call center representatives will arrange for a visit to your property.

Learn about how to protect your business with a Commercial Protection Plan.