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Challenges Facing Today’s Warehouse Operators

The complex size and design of warehouses provide unique challenges in maintaining a comfortable and temperature-controlled space, including: 

  1. Keeping Employees Comfortable and Productive
    Warehouse and industrial sectors face many health and safety regulations associated with keeping their workforce comfortable and providing a productive work environment. Employee discomfort may lead to a lack of productivity which can cost you money.
  2. Shipping Doors Frequently Opening & Closing for Deliveries
    Most warehouses make/receive multiple deliveries a day, exposing the warehouse to the outdoor climate. Open garage doors create energy seeping points, which result in your HVAC equipment working harder than it needs to in order to keep the space at a set temperature.
  3. High Ceilings Making Air Distribution Difficult
    Residential and small commercial spaces typically have 9-12ft ceilings. A warehouse could have ceilings as high as 20ft or 30ft, making air distribution a challenge2. In the winter, your equipment needs to work overtime to compensate for the rising heat to keep floor-level employees comfortable.
  4. Controlling Indoor Air Quality
    Humidity is one of the largest contributors to decreased air quality in a working facility, making the air feel warmer than the outside temperature. Humidity also causes perspiration and condensation which can lead to the development of mold and mildew, leading to strong odours and ultimately sending pathogens throughout the air.
  5. Keeping Energy Costs Down
    Warehouses have larger areas to heat and cool, which means larger mechanical equipment to meet the demands of the space. These systems consume more energy to effectively heat and cool your space, driving up operational costs.​

Products that Deliver Comfort

At Enercare, our design engineers work on new and retrofit HVAC projects to meet the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) requirements, occupant comfort needs and energy-saving goals of your building. By installing high-performance equipment, together with building design, businesses can expect substantial energy savings; up to a 30% reduction in annual energy costs in a 3 to 5 year period, reaching a savings of 40% after 7 years3. We offer products aimed to combat the unique challenges warehouse operators face in providing a comfortable and productive work environment for their staff, including:

  1. VRF
    Ductless split systems, including Variable Refrigerant Flow, deliver zone control temperature, allowing users to heat and cool only the areas they need, effectively conserving energy and money from low and no-use areas.
  2. Destratification Fans
    Warehouses are typically single-story buildings with large open spaces which leads to rising heat and energy costs. Destratification fans work by redistributing and recirculating the rising heat back to ground level, avoiding wasted warmth and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the space. These fans also work in winter months to distribute heat through the destratification of the hot and cold layers and erasing the temperature difference, resulting in energy savings of up to 30%4.
  3. Air Curtains
    Frequent use of shipping and receiving doors makes your warehouse susceptible to escaping heat. Air curtains maintain the temperature of a space and decrease certain contaminants to create a barrier between two areas by taking conditioned air and forcing it down to the ground, eliminating leaks while also preventing the entrance of insects and outdoor debris.
  4. Radiant Heating
    Warehouses typically feature a larger footprint, while its employees only occupy certain areas, making radiant heating a cost-effective solution for comfort. Radiant heating uses infrared waves to heat people and objects within a space rather than warming the air that is passed through, making it about 40% more efficient than forced-air heating systems5.
  5. Air Make Up Units
    Manufacturing facilities often need ventilation and exhaust replenishment to remove contaminants and other pollutants from their space.6 An air make up unit works to provide fresh, conditioned air and can assist in meeting the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineer’s Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) standards.

Every warehouse can benefit from increased energy and cost savings by improving the HVAC operations through proper design, installation, scheduled maintenance and other activities. Today’s newer HVAC systems consume only about half as much energy as the systems produced 30 or 40 years ago7. At Enercare, we assist customers with obtaining rebates from energy providers for upgrades of their mechanical equipment. You may be eligible for incentives based on consumption and save up to 50% on the cost of implementation.8

With Enercare, upgrading your warehouse’s mechanical equipment is an easy process.
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