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Commercial HVAC and Water Heating

Sales and Customer Service  

Tel: 1 855-321-1508 | Fax: 1 416-780-2910

Mailing Address

Enercare Commercial Services
30 High Meadow Place
Toronto ON, M9L 2Z5 Canada

Do you have a Red Tag? 

Eliminate the stress of equipment Red Tags by calling us immediately at 1 855-321-1508 for a priority visit.


Sub-metering Services for Condominiums and Apartments

Sales and Client Care 

Tel: 1 877-513-5133

Customer Care 

Tel: 1 866-449-4423
Regular hours of operation 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, EST – Monday to Friday​

Mailing Address

Enercare Connections Inc. 
8133 Warden Ave, Suite 601
Markham ON, L6G 1B3

Mail & Fax – non Bill Payments

Enercare Connections Inc.
Customer Care Centre
PO Box 4638 Station A
Toronto ON, M5W 5C7
Fax: 1 416-649-1969

Address for Bill Payments

Enercare Connections Inc. T46115
Payment Centre
PO Box 46115 Station A
Toronto ON, M5W 4K9


Media Contact

Perry Schwartz, Public Relations and Social Media
Tel: 905-943-6260



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