April 3, 2017

How do I know what size of air conditioner I need?

Determine the right air conditioner size for your home

When you become a homeowner, you may soon find out that the home requires maintenance or replacement of certain equipment, such as an air conditioning system. In the summer months, the temperatures outside can become unbearable and the air conditioner is relied upon to provide cooling comfort in the home. When an air conditioning system is installed in the home, it must be an appropriate size to be able to handle the cooling needs of the home. But how do you determine the size of unit you need for the home?

Several Factors to Consider

Installing an air conditioning unit in your home is a big undertaking. The process is best left to the professionals in the HVAC industry, as certain knowledge and experience are required. To ensure that your home has a quality system installed, an Energy Management Consultant will need to evaluate your home. The Consultant will conduct an assessment of your home and focus on several factors to ensure the right size air conditioner is installed in your home.

The size of the home, including square footage, along with age, ceiling height, number of windows in the home and insulation must all be considered. The Consultant will also consider the existing HVAC system and its capacity and functionality.

Once the home assessment is complete, you will be given an estimate to consider for several unit types. The Consultant will help you understand how each unit can assist you in having a cool home and help you make a decision based on cooling needs and budget.

The average homeowner has no idea how to calculate the size of the home,the age, insulation amount and other information needed to determine the cooling load required for an air conditioning system. This is why the process of assessment and installation should be left to the experts.

Assess your Home

What you can do as the homeowner is make a list of issues you currently have with your air conditioning unit and discuss what you find with the Consultant. Is your current unit not cooling properly? Have you found that your system is in need of repair quite often? Does the unit turn off even if the desired temperature setting is not reached yet? Any problems you are currently having can help the Consultant to determine a better unit choice for your home.

Discuss any concerns or features you may wish to have in the home such as a new programmable thermostat with more custom controls. The Consultant can provide an estimate for a top quality unit to meet your cooling needs.

Contact an Enercare Energy Management Consultant today to learn more. We can provide an estimate for a new air conditioning unit and begin the installation so you can quickly enjoy the cooling comfort of a new unit.


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