Fast, Environmentally Friendly Water Filtration

Ultrafiltration delivers clean-tasting filtered water at a cost-effective rate. Enercare offers free installation of our Ultrafiltration system* and provides replacement filters throughout the lifetime of the equipment at no additional cost.***

How Does Ultrafiltration Work?

Using standard home water pressure, Ultrafiltration pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane that removes contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.1

Why Consider an Ultrafiltration System?

An Ultrafiltration system is a great option for providing safer, cleaner-tasting water to one sink in your home. Here’s what the system can do for you:

What it Does

  • Eco-friendly water treatment: Working without electricity and only low water pressure, an Ultrafiltration system requires minimal resources, making it a good choice for the environment.
  • Safer water: The system’s semi-permeable membrane removes bacteria and other contaminants from water.2
  • No water waste: Ultrafiltration generates zero water waste during purification.

What You Gain

  • Pure taste: Ultrafiltration produces cleaner-tasting water by removing harmful particles while retaining healthy minerals.3
  • Easy maintenance: Simple ¼-turn filters make replacement a breeze.
  • Space savings: The tankless design allows the system to fit discretely under your sink, with no tank or water drain line required.
  • Free filters: Enercare Advantage™ rental customers get free filters delivered to their homes each year.***

Get a Free No-obligation Price Quote and a Water Test

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Why Choose Enercare When Renting or Buying an Ultrafiltration System

When you choose Enercare for your Ultrafiltration system, you get:

Installation included with every rental — no hidden costs.*

Free repairs and service over the life of your equipment with Enercare Advantage™.**

Service from trained professionals who can install and service your equipment to ensure it works properly.

Competitive monthly rental fees and flexible payment options.

Free replacement filters throughout the lifetime of the equipment, delivered to your home on the anniversary of your rental agreement.***

A customer support centre that’s available to take your calls 24/7.

100% new units never refurbished or previously owned.

Free Water Quality Test

Call for a free water quality test with an Enercare Water Management Consultant to learn if Ultrafiltration is right for you.

Water Treatment Options

Frequently Asked Ultrafiltration Questions

Below are some of the most common questions our customers have about Ultrafiltration.

  • Reverse Osmosis systems have smaller pores, measuring around 0.001 microns, that filter out pollutants but also minerals that naturally occur in water. Ultrafiltration systems have larger pores measuring 0.02 microns. This allows Ultrafiltration systems to remove potentially harmful particles but keep beneficial elements like calcium and magnesium.3
  • Our Ultrafiltration water system features easy-to-replace, ¼-turn filters, which will be delivered to your home as scheduled.   Our filter replacement schedule for the Ultrafiltration system is:
    • Sediment filter – every 1 year
    • Carbon filter – every 1 year
    • Hollow Fiber Membrane – every 3 years
  • With an Enercare Advantage™ rental Ultrafiltration system, you get free filters delivered straight to your door.***

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