What’s the Right Water Heater for You?

If you’re looking to replace a new water heater but aren’t sure what’s best for your needs, Enercare can help. With our expert team and extensive catalogue of top products, we’ll help you find the solution to fit your needs.

Electric or Gas Hot Water Tank?

Water heaters may account for about 19.3 percent of the average household energy bill, whether you heat with electricity or gas.* In many cases, your choice will depend on how you heat your home. An Enercare Energy Management Consultant can also evaluate your home and family’s needs to determine the right water heating system for you. 

Here are some facts to consider when making the choice between the two:

Electric Water Heaters

These tend to have lower upfront costs but are slower to heat water and are affected by power outages.

Gas Water Heaters

These heat water more quickly and are often more efficient than electric units. Only power vented units are affected by power outages.

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Water Heater Brands We Carry

Enercare carries high-efficiency water heater models from the following manufacturers:

RheemGSWBradford WhiteRadiant

Different Types of Rental Water Heaters

Enercare offers a wide variety of electric and gas-powered water heaters to rent. Water heater rental costs with Enercare AdvantageTM tend to start at $16 to $60 per month, depending on water heater type and size. The water heater types we offer are below:

Electric Water Heaters

starting from $16.94/month

An electric water heater is the simplest way to supply hot water to your home. It brings cold water into a tank through a dip tube and heats it using an electric heating element.

Electric water heaters typically have a lower upfront cost than gas heaters and are easy to install.

Conventional Venting

starting from $22.70/month

Conventional venting water heaters keep a reservoir of hot water available at all times, making them a good option for high-volume use. These heaters typically need to be installed near an exit drain (usually in your basement) and can be fuelled by natural gas or propane. water into a tank through a dip tube and heats it using an electric heating element.

Conventional venting water heaters are usually found in homes built before 2000 or that have a built-in chimney.

Power Venting

starting from $33.45/month

Power venting heaters work like conventional venting heaters but they also use an electric fan or blower and horizontal tubing to carry exhaust gases to the outdoors through a wall or chimney.

Power venting water heaters are usually installed in homes with no chimney or those that have been converted from a different water heating system.

Direct Venting

starting from $37.41/month

Direct venting water heaters use an electric blower with separate chambers to funnel outside air to the heater and to vent the exhaust back outside. They are used in areas without sufficient ventilation — for example, in a bathroom.

Power Direct Venting

(starting from $41.58/month)

Power direct vent water heaters operate like direct vent units, but instead use a two-pipe system to draw outside air in and send exhaust back outside. They are typically used in areas where there isn’t enough airflow to support combustion.

Condensing Water Heaters

starting from $62.99/month

Condensing water heaters work like conventional gas units but feature additional enhancements for better energy efficiency and durability.

A condensing water heater uses a heat exchanger with a greater surface than in conventional units, which transfers heat to the water more efficiently. These units also have more efficient burners and better insulation, which reduces their energy use.

Why Renting from Enercare is Better

With our Enercare AdvantageTM rental program, you get free installation of your water heater plus coverage for repairs over the life of your equipment** along with priority appointment booking and same-day service if you call before 5 p.m.***

We make renting a water heater affordable and worry-free with: 

We carry a broad selection of high-efficiency gas and electric units to meet a range of needs and budgets.

We’ve installed water heaters for more than one million customers. We hire only licensed technicians and secure all permits in advance to speed up the work.

Our technicians will also drain your existing water heater, whether you own it or rent it from another company.

Our trucks are always stocked with the most common repair parts, meaning technicians can fix many problems in a single visit.

Get a top-quality water heater for an affordable monthly rental fee. 

You can transfer your Enercare AdvantageTM rental agreement to the next owner if you sell your home. And with a 4.8 score on Google and 93% 5-star reviews, our customers agree that we work hard to deliver the best service±

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