Save Money on Air Conditioner & Cooling System Repairs With a Protection Plan

It’s no fun when it feels like the long hot days of summer — inside your house.

If your air conditioning unit is seven years old or older, an Enercare Cooling Protection Plan can keep your system running while giving you much-needed peace of mind by covering the costs of unexpected repairs and ongoing maintenance.

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How Much do Air Conditioning Protection Plans Cost and What’s Included?

Both AC Protection Plans Cover:

Air conditioner add-on fan centres, add-on indoor fan relays, capacitor, compressors*, condensate pumps, condenser coils*, condenser fan motors, cooling contactor/relay and evaporator coils, filter driers, fan blades, internal copper tubing, internal electrical wiring, low ambient temperature sensors service valves, shredder valves and thermostatic expansion valves.

A Protection Plan That Practically Pays for Itself

Modern air conditioners are more reliable than ever, but even the best equipment can break down, and replacement parts can be expensive. With an Enercare Protection plan, you’re covered for both the cost of the part and the labour to install it. Consider the following example:

Out-of-pocket replacement cost**With an Enercare Protection Plan
Faulty AC fan motor$731 or moreCovered at no cost

Bundle Plans to Save Money

Just like regular tune-ups for your car, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to run efficiently, keep your energy costs down and increase the lifespan of your equipment. (It also may help you stay under the manufacturer’s warranty.)

When you bundle a protection plan covering repair costs with a maintenance plan covering annual tune-ups and inspections by a licensed technician, you get the best of both worlds — and save money, too. For maximum protection, consider Enercare Total Home, which covers all your heating, cooling and plumbing equipment.

Why Choose an Enercare Protection Plan?

When you choose Enercare, you get expert advice and quality work from one of our friendly, professional and fully licensed HVAC experts, along with:

Access to the skills and expertise of 700+ licensed technicians

365-day parts and labour coverage* that includes all of the furnace and boiler items that most frequently need repair or service

24/7 phone support to help you book a service call, no matter what time it is

Same-day service if your equipment isn’t working — just call by 5:00 p.m. and we’ll be there as soon as that same day‡

Fast and easy service appointment booking through the Enercare mobile app

If you already have an Enercare Cooling Protection Plan and would like to book a service appointment visit:

Time to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner?


We carry makes and models from industry-leading high-efficiency brands.


Get new high-efficiency air conditioner for $0 upfront — with an Enercare Cooling Protection Plan with Maintenance included at no extra cost.

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