Never Be Left in the Cold with a Generac Stand-By Generator

Protect Your Home from Unpredictable Power Outages

It may not happen often, but when your home unexpectedly loses power, it can make life for you and your family much harder and far less comfortable. A Generac stand-by generator backed by the Enercare Advantage™ program gets your power back on quickly and seamlessly. That means all your home systems will keep running uninterrupted — from the essentials like heating and cooking to your favourite electronic and entertainment devices.

Generac Backup Generators

Canada’s top-selling brand of home stand-by generators , Generac offers permanently installed backup generators designed to deliver power directly to your home when you need it. In the event of a power outage, your Generac backup generator automatically turns on to power your entire home or just the items you’ve deemed most essential, even if you’re away.

Your generator runs on natural gas or liquid propane delivered through your home’s existing supplies, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of refueling. The unit has weatherproof housing which protects it from the elements. Generac generators work continuously until power is restored — whether that’s within two hours or two weeks — to ensure your home is always protected from electrical damage, flooding and more.

Why Choose Enercare for Your Backup Generator Needs

Our Enercare AdvantageTM program makes renting a Generac backup generator affordable and worry-free. It includes:

  • Free equipment installation included with every rental – no hidden costs or surprise fees, $0 upfront*
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment by your dealer
  • A brand-new unit – we never rent refurbished or previously owned units
  • Low monthly payments starting from $179/month that cover repairs, maintenance, and parts and battery replacements for the lifetime of the equipment*
  • Timely service at no additional charge*
  • Option to transfer your agreement to subsequent homeowners if you sell your home
  • Option to buy out the generator during your rental term
  • Weekly test schedule to ensure generator is ready in case of any power outages
  • Annual testing and replacement of any filters (if necessary) and batteries (as necessary)

Always Know the Status of Your Stand-By Generator

Rent your Generac backup generator from Enercare and get continuous monitoring of your equipment by your Generac dealer. Renting with Enercare includes Mobile Link, which lets you and your Generac dealer monitor your backup generator from your smartphone, tablet or computer. With real-time alerts, Mobile Link helps manage your maintenance schedule, connects you to a Generac dealer when needed, and ensures you’re ready in case of a power outage.

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