Home Furnace Repair Service

Our furnace repair service is fast, effective and affordable. Our expertise lets us repair all makes and models correctly the first time, which is how we earned a Google Reviews rating of 4.7 with 87% 5-star reviews.**

Your home’s furnace is the cornerstone of your family’s winter comfort. If your furnace isn’t turning on, makes unusual noises or provides less heat than expected, then your equipment may need repairs or may need to be replaced.

We repair all natural gas and propane furnaces, and you don’t need to be an existing Enercare customer to have your equipment repaired by our certified HVAC experts.

Furnace Service Options

We offer two service paths to fit your budget and repair needs.

Heating Repair & Protection Plan

Repair your equipment now for $179* and get coverage for future breakdowns and issues during the year for only $23.99/month + HST** for 12 months.**

This option includes:

  • Fixing your immediate furnace problems for $179* up to a maximum of $500***
  • Unlimited service calls, repairs and parts and labour coverage for any future issues***
  • The Plan can pay for itself. A one-time replacement cost for a faulty furnace motor is $915+****

One-time Heating Repair Service

Have a technician diagnose your furnace’s problems and provide you with a quote for the repair for $99^ + repair/service costs + HST.

This option includes:

  • Issue diagnosis
  • Written quote for parts & labour

Both options include:

  • A fixed price quote up front, including all parts and labour – no hidden charges
  • All work is guaranteed with 90-days labour and 1-year parts coverage1
  • Trusted advice from a fully licensed technician
  • A complete diagnostic and safety check of your equipment
  • A comprehensive Home Care Report outlining the health of your heating equipment

Call 1 855-215-8237 to book an appointment

Why Choose Enercare?

  • Enercare Home Services is Canadian owned and operated, and we are proud to be serving the communities where we live.
  • Enercare technicians are fully licensed with WSIB, TSSA, and ESA certifications.
  • We have a team of more than 700 fully licensed and certified HVAC technicians, electricians and plumbers.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Centre.
  • Schedule appointments conveniently on our mobile app and track your technician en route.
  • We service every furnace make and model.
  • All work is guaranteed with 90-days labour and 1-year parts coverage1
  • With a 4.7 score on Google and 87% 5-star reviews, our customers agree that we work hard to deliver the best service**.

Customer Reviews

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Repair FAQs

What can Cause my Furnace to Stop Working?

A broken or malfunctioning furnace can be caused by several reasons.  However, the most common furnace problems are:

  • Clogged furnace filter – make sure to change/clean yours every one to three months
  • Faulty ignitions
  • Broken limit switches
  • Furnace cycling on and off continuously
  • Faulty thermostats – may need batteries or replacement
  • Unusual or loud noises
  • Clogged drain lines


Troubleshooting Common Furnace Issues

If your furnace isn’t working, it’s best to call a professional who can safely diagnose and repair the issue. However, there are a few furnace troubleshooting steps you can take to ensure the phone call is necessary.

  1. Double-check your thermostat is set to “Heat”
  2. Replace your thermostat’s batteries
  3. Verify your furnace switch works and is in the “On” position.  It should be located on the wall near your furnace and is usually labelled.
  4. Make sure your electric breaker is not tripped
  5. Secure the front panel door
  6. Replace or clean the air filter
  7. Open all air duct vents
  8. Double-check nothing is blocking your furnace’s fresh air intake including snow

If you’d like detailed instructions for these steps, read our Furnace Troubleshooting Guide.


When to Replace Your Furnace

Replacing an aging, underperforming or malfunctioning furnace is a big decision. Your HVAC repair technician can give personalized recommendations if furnace replacement is the best choice for your equipment. In general, we recommend that you buy or rent a new furnace if:

  • Your furnace is 15+ years old 
  • Your furnace needs frequent repairs
  • There is an extreme increase in energy bills, even when your thermostat is set on low 
  • Any part of the furnace is making loud or unusual noises
  • Your furnace provides inconsistent temperatures

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