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Sometimes a Furnace Replacement Just Makes Sense

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, breaks down a lot or takes too long to heat up your home, it might be time to buy a new model. A modern, energy-efficient furnace provides you and your family with many benefits, including: 

Lower heating bills

By upgrading to a new high-efficiency furnace with a higher AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), you can save money on your annual heating-related energy costs while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Quieter, easier operations

The variable-speed motors used in new furnaces are quieter and use less energy. They also have better temperature controls and better filtration for improved indoor air quality.

Utility rebates

Get paid to make your home more energy efficient with rebates that help cover the costs of new furnace purchases, installations and home energy assessments.

Think Renting A Furnace Might Be A Better Option For You?

Why Choose Enercare When Buying A New Furnace in Ontario

There are five main reasons to pick Enercare for your next furnace replacement:

We carry makes and models from industry-leading high-efficiency furnace manufacturers. 

We’ll help you find and customize a heating solution suited to your home’s size and family’s needs.

We’re furnace installation experts. We hire only licensed technicians and secure all permits to speed up the work.

No surprises. The price we quote is the price you pay for a new furnace, including full installation.

We offer a range of payment and financing options to fit your budget.

Heating Solutions Customized To Your Home

Our Energy Management Consultants (EMCs) work closely with you to design the best heating solution for your home. They bring years of experience in the HVAC industry to our no-cost, no-obligation furnace assessments. When they visit your home, they look at every aspect of your furnace replacement requirements: the age of your home, the insulation in your walls, the number of windows and doors, and more. They then provide fixed-price quotes and payment options for the ideal new furnace for your home.

How An In-Home Assessment Works

Step 1

Call us to schedule your free in-home assessment of your heating system with an EMC.

Step 2

The EMC visits your home to conduct the initial assessment and make recommendations.

Step 3

The EMC does one final inspection and answers any questions before installation begins.

The Three Types of Furnaces

Apart from energy efficiency, one of the most important things to consider in a replacement furnace is the motor that powers the fan. Fans that operate at different speeds help you better manage the heat provided by the furnace — making your home consistently more comfortable.

Single-Stage Motor

Single-stage fans are common in older furnaces and have just one speed — they’re either on or off. They are no longer available for sale in Canada because they aren’t energy efficient.

Multi-Stage Motor

Multi-stage furnaces have two or more fan speeds, allowing the unit to better manage your household temperature. These typically offer the best balance between cost and value. 

Variable-Stage Motor

Variable-stage furnaces have motors that can run at many speeds, adjustable in very small increments. Like a car engine, you can hit every speed from 0 to 100 depending on how fast you want to go, making it easier to precisely match your furnace to your home heating needs.

See our Furnace Buyer’s Guide to learn more about furnace types, repair costs and maintenance tips.

More Options to Meet Your Heating Needs

Enercare Smarter FurnaceTM

Get 24/7 HVAC performance monitoring from Enercare so any issues with your furnace can be detected and addressed before they become big problems. This service also spots declines in operating efficiency and adjusts your home’s temperature automatically to meet your personalized heating preferences.

Ductless split systems

Do you have a space that was added on to your home — like a sunroom, garage or in-law suite — and are having problems getting heat to it? You might consider a ductless split system. By adding a heat pump to a ductless air conditioner, you can heat and cool your home year-round with just one HVAC system.

What Else to Consider Before Buying a Furnace

Get your ducts and vents cleaned

Remove dirt, dust, mould and other irritants from the air you breathe inside your home by getting your ducts cleaned.

Don’t forget about indoor air quality

To make the air inside your home safer and cleaner, consider adding a HEPA air filtration system, ultraviolet (UV) light system or ventilator as part of your furnace upgrade.

Think about replacing your AC, too

If you’re replacing a furnace that’s more than 15 years old, you should also consider upgrading your air conditioner at the same time to ensure full compatibility across all your HVAC equipment.

Frequently Asked Furnace Questions

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What To Know About Renting a Furnace

Through our Enercare AdvantageTM rental program, you can get new high-efficiency equipment for $0 upfront.* That includes repairs and maintenance for the lifetime of your equipment*, plus priority appointment booking with same-day service.1 We make furnace rentals affordable and worry-free with: 

  • Zero up-front costs*
  • Zero parts and labour charges for all repairs*
  • Installation of your new furnace in as little as 24 hours

What You Get When You Buy vs. Rent a Furnace

Not sure whether to buy or rent? Consider the following:

FeaturePurchaseRental with Enercare Advantage™Rental with Enercare Smarter Advantage™
Price$5,000 to $7,000+ including standard installation and 1-year warranty$80 to $156 per monthstarting from $106/mo. + HST
Installation charges 
Included in above price
Maintenance costsNot IncludedIncluded*Included*
furnace repair costsNot included after Manufacturer’s WarrantyIncluded*Included*
who owns the furnace?YouEnercareEnercare
Extended warrantyExtra costsN/AN/A
Agreement lengthLife of equipmentlife of equipment
Enercare Smarter Home®Essentials package, including a smart thermostat and HVAC performance monitoringIncluded
Same-day service on breakdowns if you call before 5 p.m.1IncludedIncluded

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