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Pair your Home Comfort System with ecobee

Pair your Enercare furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump with a smart thermostat from ecobee that could reduce your energy consumption and save you money. With intelligent features that detect air quality and available smart sensors that detect presence inside your home, ecobee provides the perfect solution to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

ecobee smart thermostats are the perfect companion for your Enercare heating & cooling system

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is an all-in-one thermostat to control your home’s heating, cooling, humidifier, and ventilation systems. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, while its intelligent technology improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Available models:


ecobee3 lite

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium
Energy Savings
Reduce your energy consumption and optimize your home comfort by setting custom schedules and temperature presets that take into account your daily routine, preferences, and weather conditions
Eco+ Energy Optimization
Thermostat optimization to improve the energy performance of residential HVAC systems and balance desired comfort preference versus savings
Control Temperature Remotely
Control your thermostat via the ecobee app on your iOS, Android™, and Apple Watch
Multi-Speed Fan Support
ecobee thermostats are compatible with many low-voltage multi-speed fan systems, including FCU (Fan Coil Unit) and PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) systems
ecobee SmartSensor included in the box✔️
Built-in indoor air quality monitor
Built-in air quality monitor that monitors indoor air 24/7 including humidity, VOC and CO2. It alerts you when air quality is poor and can send reminders when its time to change the furnace’s air filter
Smoke Alarm Detect
Detect the sound of smoke alarms when the system is armed
Built-in radar occupancy sensor
Presence detection to alert issues when homeowner is not home
Built-in security siren
Emits a siren from your ecobee thermostat upon detection of a potential intruder
Choice of Siri** or Alexa Built-in
Get ultimate convenience like two-way talk with a built-in smart speaker and your choice of Siri or Alexa Built-In
Spotify & Bluetooth streaming
Listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts on your thermostat with Spotify Connect and Amazon Music. Stream to a Bluetooth speaker for high-fidelity sound

Add more functionality with the ecobee Comfort & Comfort Plus Packages

Your Enercare rental air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump system can be paired with either the Comfort Package or the Comfort Plus Package, An Enercare Energy Management Consultant can review these package options with you and advise which package is right for you.

Comfort Package

What’s included:

Comfort Plus Package

What’s included:

ecobee smart solutions that can improve your home’s efficiency and security

SmartSensor for rooms

  • More comfort where you need it most: Provides comfort in the rooms that you’re in. Through infrared technology, SmartSensor detects when a room is occupied and communicates that information wirelessly to your smart thermostat prompting automatic temperature adjustments.
  • Total comfort for cozier sleep: Automatically adjusts the temperature for energy savings when you leave home and restores your comfort settings when you return.
  • Enhance your energy savings: Helps your smart thermostat better understand your household comings and goings, reducing energy consumption by not heating or cooling an empty home.
  • Up to five-year battery lifespan

SmartSensor for doors & windows

  • Secure doors and windows for peace of mind: Stay informed when something’s happening at home with real-time notifications whenever a door or window is opened or closed.
  • Extended coverage for strong security: Detects motion from a range of up to a 120° arc 16 feet away, instantly notifying you when doors or windows are opened unexpectedly, or when unexpected activity is detected in your home.*
  • Enhance your energy savings: Pauses HVAC system when doors and windows are left open for more than 5 minutes and resumes the system when the door or window is closed for more than 30 seconds.*
  • Up to three-year battery lifespan

ecobee Smart Security*

  • Peace of mind, home or away: Don’t worry about your system ever again with Arm/Disarm Assist. When you’re out, get activity alerts for unexpected entry and motion and be alerted to the sound of your smoke alarm; so you know exactly what’s happening when it happens in your home.
  • Always know who’s home: Smart Security is intelligent enough to know what family members are home in order to provide peace of mind and prevent unnecessary alerts.
  • Reduce your energy consumption: Pause HVAC system when door/windows are open for 5+ minutes.
  • Control with your smart thermostat: The smart thermostat doubles as a base station with a keypad to arm and dis-arm the system.
  • Seamless smart home integration: Powerful devices effortlessly integrate with each other, as well as with other leading smart home products to create a powerful, next-gen security system.

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