Smart Home Solutions from Enercare

Get real-time information on everything from AC and furnace performance to who’s at the door — anywhere, anytime — all through the Enercare Smarter Home® app.

Why Enercare Smarter Home®?

Enercare Smarter Home® give you round-the-clock peace of mind that your home systems are working as they should — and your family is safe and comfortable. It’s all built around an integrated system of sensors, cameras and locks that you can automate and control from your phone. 

Enercare Smarter Home® Devices

Enercare Smarter Home® devices work together seamlessly to protect your home and help you control who goes in and out when you’re away.

Enercare Smarter Home® Hub

The Enercare Smarter Home® Hub is the “brain” of the solution, collecting and analyzing data from all your Enercare Smarter Home® devices and making it available through the Enercare Mobile App.

The Enercare Smarter Home® Hub also lets you take advantage of Enercare Smarter Home®HVAC Performance Monitoring, which scans 24/7 for unusual performance, energy use and other anomalies in your HVAC equipment — and prompts our team to act when issues occur.

You can connect your Enercare Smarter Home® Hub to the devices below.

Enercare Smarter Home® Water Leak Sensor

Place these water leak detectors under sinks, near your water heater and around major appliances to get alerts about leaks before they cause significant damage. You may qualify for a discount on your home insurance if you do!

Enercare Smarter Home® Smart Thermostat

Control the temperature in your home from wherever you are. Turn down the heat to save energy when you’re away or turn it up when you’re coming home — all through our Enercare Mobile App.

Enercare Smarter Home® Temperature Sensor

Customize the heat in every room based on your lifestyle and preferences. You’ll get alerts if the temperature changes suddenly so you can take action right away.

Enercare Smarter Home® Smart Light Switch

Control the lights in your home from your phone — or create a vacation schedule to automatically turn them off and on at preset times.

Enercare Smarter Home® Smart Outlet

Control electrical devices remotely by connecting our smart socket to any 100-volt outlet in your home. Create recurring schedules for appliances and monitor their energy usage through your phone.

Enercare Smarter Home® Door and Window Contact

Receive alerts the moment a door or window in your home is opened and program follow-up actions like turning on a camera — all from your phone.

Enercare Smarter Home® Smart Door Lock

Unlock your door remotely when someone you know needs to get inside, and lock up from anywhere, any time.

Enercare Smarter Home® Water Valve Shut-Off

Pair our shut-off with our water leak sensor to turn off your home’s main water valve in the event of a leak.

Enercare Smarter Home® Indoor Camera

Keep an eye on your pet, child or an elderly loved one from the convenience of our mobile app.**

Enercare Smarter Home® Outdoor Camera

Monitor activity outside your home for safety and a quick response if something looks suspicious.**

Enercare Smarter Home® Smart Video Doorbell

See who’s on your doorstep as soon as they ring the bell, right on your mobile phone.

Enercare Smarter Home® Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Protect your family from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside your home by remotely shutting off your furnace and ventilation system.

Enercare Smarter Home® Smart Garage Door Opener

Open and close your garage door remotely.

Three Packages to Choose From

Our Enercare Smarter Home® Essentials Package gives you everything you need including professional installation of all your smart home devices. It also gives you access to the Enercare Smarter Home® mobile app and web portal so you can control your devices and customize your settings. Packages start at $12/month + HST* for a minimum commitment of 36 months.

Essentials Package

Fees – $12/month + HST

Minimum commitment of 36 months

Includes: Enercare Smarter Home® Hub, Enercare Smarter Home® Thermostat, Enercare Smarter Home® Water Leak Sensor, Enercare HVAC Performance Monitoring and Enercare Smart Away

Whole Home Package

Fees – From $5/month + Essentials Package + HST

Includes: Everything in our Essentials Package, plus up to five additional smart home products with purchase.

Worry-Free Package

Fees – From $6/month + Essentials Package + HST

Includes: Everything in our Essentials Package, plus smart home cameras and/or doorbells.

Get Extra Protection with Enercare Smarter AdvantageTM

Our Enercare Smarter AdvantageTM rental program lets you outfit your home with the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems at no upfront cost** — with full coverage for maintenance, repairs and replacement.**

Key Things to Know About Enercare Smarter Home®

  • An Enercare Smarter Home® technician installs all the Enercare Smarter Home® devices.
  • If your devices are under warranty, we’ll repair them free of charge.
  • If you have problems, questions or wish to add devices, contact the Enercare Smarter Home® customer support centre at 1833-997-6278.
  • No, as it is not necessary. Enercare Smarter Home® is already designed with a curated ecosystem, to ensure that different devices can work together and exchange information seamlessly.

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