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ecobee Smart Solutions

Choose one of the following to get support guidance on ecobee thermostat.

Installation Guide & User Manual

  • Downloadable documents for quick start and installation guides, user manuals and more available here.

    Thermostat Support

    • The ecobee thermostat includes customizable comfort settings, smart scheduling, and the ability to monitor air quality. On the home screen, users can easily view temperature, weather, humidity levels and access the main menu for further control. To learn more, click here.
    • Setting up, connecting and troubleshooting the ecobee involves a few steps. To learn more on how to set up and troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection to your ecobee click here.
    • All ecobee devices are easy to set up and register using the ecobee app. For further guidance click here.
    • With your ecobee thermostat, you can create a daily schedule that automatically adjusts the temperature to align with your daily routine, ensuring comfort and efficiency. Discover how by clicking here.

      ecobee SmartSensor Support

      • SmartSensors enhance your ecobee’s thermostat performance. To learn how to set up and troubleshoot SmartSensors, click here.
      • You can enable or disable the door and window senor’s pause when open feature through the ecobee app. For instructions, click here.

        ecobee Smart Security Subscription

        • HVAC customers who signed up for an ecobee Comfort Plus package get one year free subscription to ecobee’s Smart Security. To start your subscription, please refer to your welcome email which contains a subscription code and instructions on how to sign-up for the service. If you are having issues with the subscription code, please email [email protected].

          SmartSensors Replacement

          • For replacement of room or door/window SmartSensors, customers will be required to email [email protected]. A response will be provided within 2 business days. Should a thermostat replacement be necessary, it will be completed during a scheduled service appointment.

            Enercare Smarter Home®

            Choose one of the following categories to get troubleshooting advice for Enercare Smarter Home® products.

            Account Access


            • You can easily edit thermostat schedule  through the app or the website.
            • You can adjust the thermostat mode using the app or the website. This enables you to switch between Heat, Cool, Auto or OFF settings from anywhere.
            • You can adjust the  thermostat setpoint using the app or the website. This feature allows you to control the temperature while on the move.

              Door Locks

              • You have the flexibility to add and remove user codes either using the app or website.
              • Ensure that the lock access is enabled for the specific user attempting to unlock the lock. For user code troubleshooting steps visit the app or website.
              • You have the option to manage door locks  either through the app or the website.

                Video Products

                • To create/edit motion detection rule. For more information, see  create/edit motion detection rule.
                • There are many reasons why you may not able to hear audio during a doorbell call. For troubleshooting steps, click here.
                • This feature uses smart rules to enhance perimeter security by notifying you about arrivals, departures or even loitering. For more information, see  configure video analytic rule.
                • The video camera will disconnect from the internet if your wireless settings or networking equipment change. The cameras will reconnect once the new Wi-Fi information is updated. See  reconnecting video camera to Wi-Fi for more information.
                • The saved videos can be viewed from the app or website. See how to view saved video clips for more information.


                  How Enercare’s HVAC Performance Monitoring Works

                  Enercare HPM monitors the performance of your HVAC system against the settings on your thermostat and sends a continuous stream of data to our servers using the Enercare Smarter Home® hub.

                  If your furnace or air conditioner takes too long to reach the pre-set temperature, stays on longer than it should or exhibits other unusual behaviours, our artificial intelligence identifies the issue, analyzes its severity and alerts our monitoring teams. You also get an alert notification through the Enercare Smarter Home® web portal, plus an email from our team that describes what’s going on.

                  If the issue is serious, one of our technicians will contact you to troubleshoot or book a service appointment as soon as possible.

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