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Is your furnace ready for the cold weather?

A regular furnace inspection and maintenance will keep your home in the comfort zone.

Performing a yearly inspection and maintenance on your HVAC system not only diagnoses and repairs existing problems, but it helps find and prevent problems from occurring in the future. There are actions that you as the owner can take, but there are things that need to be performed by a professional.


  • Examine the heating system occasionally for signs of deterioration, such as water stains, corrosion or leakage.
  • In forced-air systems, clean the furnace air filters frequently – at least twice a heating season.
  • Keep the area around the furnace free from dust, lint, rags, paint, drain cleaners and other materials or chemicals that could catch fire or explode if they become too hot.
  • Make sure warm-air outlets and cold-air outlets are not covered by carpets or blocked by debris.
  • Make sure walls, other obstructions or new renovations do not block the heating system’s air supply.

Call a Professional

Common problems can be:

  • Duct work loosened due to normal thermal expansion and contraction;
  • Blower motor bearings in need of lubrication;
  • Replacing of air filter and cleaning of dust from blower fan blades and AC condensing coil.

An inspection can also find and repair less obvious problems like:

  • Loose blower belt;
  • Improperly firing burners;
  • Blocked condensate drain;
  • Loose wiring harnesses;
  • Slowly leaking coolant from the AC system.

A yearly preventative maintenance and inspection by a qualified service technician can keep your furnace functioning at peak efficiency by identifying issues before they become costly problems. A service technician can point out minor issues that you can solve yourself in the future. Plus, they’ll perform a multi-point safety check to verify your system is operating safely.

You can expect a safer operation from an inspection that will ensure your furnace is running like new. By monitoring your furnace’s performance and condition, you’ll enjoy its longer life and a lower chance of an expensive breakdown.

The best way to keep your furnace efficient and reliable is to have it inspected before you really need it. Before cold weather strikes, set up an appointment to have your heating system inspected by an expert. Yearly maintenance can save you time, frustration, and money when it’s done right by a licensed technician from Enercare.

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