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Alerts are Smart. Solutions are Smarter.

Getting alerts on your mobile phone is smart but Enercare Smarter Home is Smarter because it gives you the solutions you need to fix issues when you receive an alert, including access to over 700 licensed technicians.

With an Enercare Smarter Home, you’ll get:

  • Management of all Smarter Home products using one simple mobile app
  • System monitoring of your heating and cooling equipment to identify possible issues before they happen
  • 10% off an Allstate home insurance premium**
  • Comprehensive suite of leading smart products, professionally installed
  • Instant notifications to your mobile device when there is an issue in your home
  • Cellular connection for most products versus wifi for a constant connection from anywhere
  • Most smart products use Z-Wave technology1
  • Customizable automation settings that will fit your family’s needs
  • Robust and secure communication network between smart products and hub
  • Video storage2
  • Live agent support seven days a week

From automated solutions with the mobile app to responsive technicians who can fix the issue, Enercare Smarter Home is the most complete solution for your home.

Smarter Home Essentials Package

The Essentials package is the foundation for the Smarter Home experience that gives you remote access to home comfort and peace of mind from anywhere. This package includes professional installation and access to the Smarter Home mobile app for real-time notifications, remote access, and the ability to customize your automation settings.


The Smarter Home Essentials package includes:

Smarter Home Hub

The core of the whole Smarter Home network. The Smarter Home Hub is what collects and analyzes the data from all your home devices, making sense of the information and then sending it out to your mobile app. No need to download multiple apps for all your home’s connected devices. No need to try and interpret trends or graphs on your own. The Smarter Home Hub does the work so you don’t have to. Included in your Smarter Home Essentials package, it’s the cornerstone of the app, making sure you get the information you need, when you need it.

Smarter Home Thermostat

Control the heating and cooling of your home, even when you're not around. In addition to the easy-to-set thermostat in your home, you can also set your home's temperature remotely with the web browser dashboard or within the mobile app. Turn down the heat when you’re not around to save energy and money, or start warming up the house when you’re on your way home from the office. One thermostat is included in the Smarter Home Essentials package.3

Smarter Home Water Leak Sensor

Know about water leaks before they have a chance to do significant damage. Leak sensors can be placed under a sink, near your water heater and around the dishwasher or washing machine, to alert you on your app if there's a leak in the area. One leak sensor is included in the Smarter Home Essentials package.3

Smarter Home Performance Monitoring

Using the data that comes through your Smarter Home Hub, the Performance Monitoring System will look at both short and long-term patterns in your HVAC equipment and interpret the information, alerting you if there is an issue – for instance, a decline in the efficiency of your equipment that may require maintenance.

Smarter Home Smart Away

With Enercare Smart Away, you can automate your home based on your location. Simply set your home location so that certain actions take place when you leave that area. For instance, if you leave your home without locking your front door, you can set your mobile app to notify you, enabling you to lock the door from wherever you are. You can also set your thermostat to turn down the heat when you leave your home. You can even set a work location so that your home knows when you’re on your way: have the heat turn back up or lamps turn back on when you leave work, so your home is comfortable when you return.


Smarter Home Whole Home Package

Enhance your Essentials package with Whole Home to extend the convenience and comfort of the Smarter Home experience throughout your home. With every Whole Home package you purchase, you’ll add five products of your choosing to your Smarter Home, all of which can be accessed and programmed through the mobile app. You can purchase as many Whole Home packages as you wish to build and customize your whole home.

The Smarter Home products available to choose in the Whole Home package include:

Smarter Home Temperature Sensor

Whether you're losing heat due to a drafty window that needs reinforcing, or burning energy due to a fridge or freezer that's left open or has a leaky seal, you'll be notified on your app of a change in temperature so you can take action.

Smarter Home Light Switch

Control the lights in your home from anywhere. Whether you want to schedule your lights to come on at sunset when you’re on vacation, or just want to avoid fumbling in a dark hallway for a light switch, your light switches are now in the palm of your hand.

Smarter Home Smart Socket

Remotely control any electrical device in your house. The Smarter Home Smart Socket plugs into any 110V electrical outlet in your home, letting you remotely turn on or off appliances, the TV, or any other device that's plugged into it. Never again worry if you left the iron plugged in. Have lamps come on before you get home without leaving them on all day. You can also program recurring schedules and monitor the energy being used by each device plugged into the Smarter Home Smart Sockets in your home.

Smarter Home Door and Window Contact

Know when doors or windows in your house are opened in real time. Smarter Home Door and Window Contacts are valuable not only to notify you of someone entering the house, but they can also be placed on gates, cabinet doors or closet doors. Stay notified if someone comes and goes from your yard, or if a liquor or medicine cabinet has been opened, or even something as simple as knowing if your family is trying to peek in the closet where you’ve hidden their birthday presents! Plus, through the app, you can program follow-up actions to a door or window being opened, such as a camera turning on to record footage.

Smarter Home Door Lock

Unlock a door remotely for a loved one who has forgotten their keys, and never worry that you may have forgotten to lock up when you left the house. It can all be done remotely from your mobile device.

Smarter Home Water Valve Shut-off

Minimize water damage from leaks. Working in conjunction with the water leak sensor, the water shut-off valve will turn off the main water valve coming into your house if a leak is detected. This will prevent further damage being caused by the leak until you can resolve the source of the problem. You can also turn the valve off remotely, for instance, when you're on vacation, to reduce the risk of a leak occurring and causing damage when you're not around.

Smarter Home Energy Management Clamp

Know where your energy is going every month. The Smarter Home Energy Management Clamp is attached to your electrical panel or breaker box to monitor the electrical usage throughout your home. It collects information on the energy usage of specific electrical devices in your home, which you can then view on your Smarter Home app in both kWh and estimated dollars per month. Whether you’re interested to know how much energy your water heater uses every day when it’s on standby mode, or curious about the efficiency of your lights or HVAC system, you’ll be equipped with the information you need. Know where you're using the most energy from month to month so you can start reducing usage and saving money.


Smarter Home Worry-Free Package

The Worry Free package can be added to any Essentials package with or without a Whole Home package. The camera features in this package give you peace of mind by letting you check in on your home from anywhere on your Smarter Home mobile app.

Cameras and their features available in the Worry Free package include:

Smarter Home Indoor Camera

Keep an eye on your home when you're not around. The indoor camera is beneficial for everyday peace of mind. Whether you want to check in on a pet, a child home alone or an elderly loved one that needs continuing care, you can check in and ensure all is well at home on your app.

Smarter Home Outdoor Camera

Take comfort in knowing what’s going on just outside your home. Check in on kids playing in the backyard even while you’re fixing a snack. View suspicious activity in your driveway. Enjoy having the ability to keep an eye on your home's surroundings from wherever you are.

Smarter Home Video Doorbell with Camera

Gone are the days of peering through the eyehole on your door when an unexpected visitor arrives. The doorbell camera is activated when your doorbell is pressed, allowing you to see who's at the door on your mobile device, even if you're not at home. From parcels to deliveries to unexpected guests, the doorbell camera gives you peace of mind by letting you know that you're opening the door to someone you trust.

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