Direct Vent Water Heater

Direct Vent water heaters feature a built-in vent pipe that pulls combustion air from the outside, and carries exhaust gases to the outside of the home. Unlike Conventional Vented water heaters that usually need to be vented into a chimney, Direct Vent water heaters can be installed near any exterior-facing wall – offering the flexibility to install in more places in your home.

Fuel SourceNatural Gas or Propane
VentingCoaxial vent system
Size Options40 gal, 50 gal


Flexible Venting
Coaxial vent pipe can be installed to the side wall of the home.

No Power Required
Works without electricity so it provides hot water even during power outages.

Flexible Installation
Install in any room that has an exterior-facing wall.

Size Options
Available in multiple capacities to suit your home and your family’s needs.

Buying vs. Renting a Direct Vent Water Heater

When You BuyWhen You Rent
You’re responsible for the cost of the unit and its installation, which can run into the thousands of dollars.You get free installation.*
You’re responsible for the full costs of maintenance and repairs, which can be unpredictable and hard to budget for.You get free repairs for the life of the water heater. *
In some cases, you might pay extra for immediate service if you have a breakdown or have to wait for parts to be ordered — leaving you at risk of water damage to your home.You get access to 24/7 support and same-day service if you call before 5 p.m.**
Table shows a comparison between buying a Water Heater or renting with Enercare.


  • Direct vent water heaters provide hot water for an entire home with the added flexibility of being installed without a chimney and without needing electricity. Direct vent water heaters use a single two-pipe coaxial vent to bring in combustion air into the water heater and push exhaust gases out the exterior wall of your home.
  • A direct vented water heater can be installed in any part of the home that has an exterior-facing wall. Unlike a regular water heater that requires a chimney, a direct vented water uses a coaxial vent pipe to the side wall of the home. Direct vented water heaters also don’t require electricity to operate, so they are able to provide hot water even during a power outage. With their flexible installation and power-free operation, a Direct Vented water heater can be installed in more places around your home such as a kitchen, bathroom, or closet.
  • Enercare carries direct vent water heaters in various sizes. Give us a call and our trained professionals will be able to find the perfect water heater to match your needs.

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