January 25, 2018

What is a red tag?

Read this to find out what you need to know about red tags.

A red tag, also known as a product warning tag, may be placed on a gas appliance by a licensed technician to indicate that it is no longer safe to operate and either needs to be repaired or replaced. In certain instances, the technician is required by law to turn off the gas as a safety measure to protect the residents of the home.

Why have I received a warning tag?

Warning tags are issued on any appliance or piping system that uses natural gas when a licensed gas technician has identified a hazardous issue.

For example, if a defective heat exchanger is identified, it can release carbon monoxide, an odourless and colourless gas, which can cause serious health problems if undetected. Carbon monoxide is harmful because it can rapidly accumulate in the blood, reducing the blood's ability to carry oxygen.

If carbon monoxide is leaking from a cracked heat exchanger, there is a chance of it mixing with the air that is generated by the furnace and pushed through the vents in your home.

To prevent this danger, a red tag is applied to your furnace, your local utility is notified, and your natural gas is turned off.

Types of warning tags

  • Type A: If a licensed technician has identified an immediate danger, for example, a severe carbon monoxide leak, your furnace gets a Type A red tag and your natural gas will be turned off right away.
  • Type B: If the furnace does not pose an immediate danger to the homeowner, a Type B warning tag will be applied to the furnace and the local utility notified. This tag gives the customer a specified period of time to have the equipment repaired or replaced. If corrective action is not taken within the stipulated timeline, your natural gas will be turned off by the local utility, for example, Union Gas or Enbridge.

What should I do if I receive a warning tag?

Immediately call a licensed contractor like Enercare to inspect your equipment. Dealing with natural gas requires extreme care.

In some cases, the equipment can be repaired but in more serious cases, the equipment may need to be replaced. Our experienced, licensed technicians approach all jobs with safety as a priority. Contact Enercare if you need to discuss a warning tag, or have questions.


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