Enercare Announces New Collaboration with Sustainable Smart Home Leader ecobee

Enercare is thrilled to announce our new collaboration with ecobee, a leading provider of smart thermostats that empower homeowners to reduce their energy usage, and carbon footprint.

Since launching the world’s first smart thermostat in 2009, ecobee has continued to redefine what a thermostat can do. ecobee’s smart thermostats are designed to make homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and secure. With their advanced sensors and advanced technology ecobee’s smart thermostats can optimize heating and cooling based on occupancy and humidity.

With their latest thermostat, ecobee has revolutionized the thermostat as a tool for air quality improvement by building an air quality monitor right into the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium. If it senses poor air quality, it will alert you and even provide tips on how to improve it. If you have a compatible whole-home ventilator (ERV or HRV) installed, the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium can automatically run the ventilator for 20 minutes when the indoor air quality is poor.

As part of our collaboration, Enercare will be offering ecobee’s smart thermostats to our customers, along with expert installation. We believe that this collaboration will help our customers increase their home comfort and reduce their energy consumption.

We’re proud to be working together with ecobee as we embark on another step in empowering our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, starting at home.

For more information on ecobee, visit their website here.