Furnace Repair

Save on your furnace repair with our Flat Rate Repair and Protect Plan.

Option one: diagnosis / quote

For $991 a licensed technician will come to your home and determine why your furnace isn’t working and what needs to be done to fix it. We will:

  • Diagnose the problem
  • Provide a written quote for parts and labour to fix your equipment
  • Give a free comprehensive HomeCare Report that outlines the health of your equipment
  • Check the safety of your equipment

Many customers in your situation prefer our Flat Rate Repair and Protect option, as not only will we fix today’s problem, but you’ll be covered for any new problems that come up.

Option two: flat rate repair and protect

Fix your furnace now for one flat rate2, and avoid the fear and uncertainty of who to call or what future problems will cost with our Flat Rate Repair and Protect Plan.

For a one-time cost of $179 plus a monthly rate of $23.99, we’ll send a licensed technician to diagnose and repair your equipment now, and include ongoing parts and labour coverage on all future breakdowns.

Here’s how it works.

For today’s repair:

  • Diagnosis and repair of your equipment by a licensed technician
  • At no additional expense, we’ll cover repairs up to $500 (parts and labour)2
  • Furnace tune-up to ensure it is operating safely and meets/exceeds manufacturer specifications
  • Give a free comprehensive HomeCare Report that outlines the health of your equipment

For the next 12 months afterwards, you'll receive:

  • Unlimited service calls
  • Diagnosis and repair of your equipment by a fully-licensed technician
  • Parts and labour covered3
  • Annual furnace maintenance and safety inspection
  • Support Centre – Call 24 hours a day
  • Same Day Service – Just call us by 5:00 PM and we’ll be there as fast as same day!
  • Comprehensive HomeCare Report

The protection plan helps remove the uncertainty of future costly breakdowns!

No matter which option you choose you'll receive

  • Access to over 700 fully-licensed, expert technicians
  • A comprehensive HomeCare Report that outlines the health of your equipment
  • A call from your technician before arrival so you'll know just when to expect us


Enercare | Furnace Repair

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Need more details? Read the fine print.

† Available to Enercare's Heating/Cooling protection plan customers, rental water heater customers and/or rental HVAC customers whose equipment is not operational (for example – no heat, no cooling or no hot water). On average, Enercare attends to furnace/boiler, central air conditioner, or water heater non-operational calls 90% of the time the same day. Subject to exclusions in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable protection plan or rental agreement.

1 Weekends and statutory holidays are $129 + HST.

2 Certain terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to cancel or change offer at any time without prior notice. Repair cost may vary based on the type of repair or the number of hours required. Ask customer service agent for details. A one-time cost of $179 + HST applies. Conditional upon enrolment in the Heating Protection with Maintenance Plan. Your equipment must meet the eligibility requirements for the Plan as set out in the Plan Terms and Conditions. Initial repair must not exceed maximum retail value of $500. If, upon diagnosis, repair is estimated to be above $500, customer may enrol in the Plan and pay the difference above $500 or decline to enrol in the Plan and be charged our standard heating $99 + HST diagnostic rate and charges for labour time and parts. The monthly installment for the Heating Protection with Maintenance Plan is $23.99/month ($27.99/month for boiler) + HST. Must sign up for a one-year commitment, regardless of method of payment, and will be renewed automatically on a yearly basis. You may cancel your Plan without penalty by providing notice within 10 days after your Protection Plan renewal date. Subject to the exceptions in the Plan Terms and Conditions (PDF).

3 Certain exceptions apply. See Heating Protection with Maintenance Plan Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Why Enercare?

At Enercare, we pride ourselves on providing you with outstanding service.

HomeCare Report

After any heating or cooling diagnostic check, you'll receive a comprehensive HomeCare Report that outlines the health of your equipment.

Red Carpet Treatment

We treat your home as our own by using booties or a red carpet to ensure that dirt and debris aren't tracked throughout your house!


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