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Enercare App

Save time with the most comprehensive home services app in the industry

Save Time

Book, cancel and reschedule appointments directly in the app, all in under a minute.

Stop Waiting

The en-route feature provides a live map and real-time updates on the technician’s arrival.

View Account Details

View your protection plan details, renewal date and monthly price all within the app.

With over 28,000 downloads so far see what some users are saying:

Cunika90, 2021-03-05

Best app for homeowners!

Super easy to use, easily book appointments without waiting on hold. Love it

ddinuzzo, 2020-01-18

So easy to book a service call!

I love this app. It makes it so easy to book a service call , not have to speak to an agent and answer questions. So quick , easy and reminder goes in my calendar!

Christopher Perry

Does what it’s supposed to do Installed the app and connected to my account with no problems, booked a maintenance appointment for the next day, changed the appointment time a little while later, tech showed up as expected and all is well.

There are two ways to register once you’ve downloaded the app:

  • Self-register: Open the app, click ‘Sign up’ and enter your Enercare account details exactly as they appear on the communications you’ve received from us. You will be asked to verify your name, phone number, address and email to proceed.
  • Via an Enercare agent: Call 1-877-450-4283 and one of our customer service agents will help with your registration. – They’ll send you an email with an ‘easy log in’ button that will open the app and prompt you to set up a password. Once a password is set, you be logged in and ready to start booking.
  • This occurs when the information entered does not match our internal system information.
  • Please enter your account details exactly as they appear on the communications you’ve received from us.
  • If you’re still having issues, please call our call center and an agent will be able to help simplify your registration.
  • Automated emails can take up to 10-30 minutes to arrive in your inbox.
  • Check your spam and junk folders.
  • If you’re still having issues, call our call center and an agent will verify that the correct email address is on file. They can help simplify your registration.
  • The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  • App Store Link:
  • Google Play Link:​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​If you forgot your password or are locked out, press the ‘forgot password’ button in the app to reset the password.

  • Schedule plan appointments in under a minute.
  • Easily cancel or reschedule appointments.
  • Receive notifications when the technician is on the way, so no waiting around.
  • View all your protection plans and coverage in one place.
  • Check that Push notifications are turned on. Also, you must be logged into the Enercare app.

    There are several reasons why this might happen. The equipment in your home may not have coverage or it might not be from Enercare, or your protection plan may be ready for renewal. A quick call to 1-877-450-4283 can sort these details, we’re here to help 24/7.