Our commitment to protecting consumer rights

Enercare is committed to ensuring consumers are properly informed when responding to door-to-door sales. To help promote consumer protection, Enercare has strongly encouraged the development of sensible laws that safeguard consumers’ rights.


Enercare does not go door-to-door and will only show up at your home in response to your request.

There are some guests you do not want in your home, including aggressive door-to-door furnace, water heater and other home services salespeople looking to take advantage of a homeowner’s goodwill. These salespeople may try to pressure you into making on-the-spot decisions and can be evasive in answering questions about why they have come or who they represent. Often these salespeople pose as “inspectors” who claim they need to “check” your equipment.

Here are some tips for staying safe:

  • Never let an unknown visitor inside your home.
  • Remember that Enercare, government agencies and utility companies never promote door-to-door sale or exchange of water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and other home services products. 
  • Never sign a contract at the door. The Consumer Protection Act (Ontario) bans unsolicited, door-to-door sales of water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, water treatment solutions and certain other appliances.
  • If someone comes to your home claiming to represent Enercare, call us to confirm if someone is scheduled to be at your home. 
  • Don’t share personal information, including your gas bill.​

Enercare, government agencies and utilities never promote the sale or exchange of water heaters, furnaces or other home services products at your door. 

Enercare has for years worked with various government ministries and regulatory bodies, including the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, to develop laws and educate consumers. Enercare supports all laws that provide consumers with transparency, safety and control during the process of buying home services and products, including the ban on unsolicited, door-to-door sales of water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, water treatment solutions and certain other appliances. 

If anyone comes to your door claiming to be associated with Enercare, we encourage you to report them to us at 1-855-255-5458 as falsely representing our business. You may also contact your local police force or the Consumer Protection Branch. If you require service or sales from Enercare, our call centre agents are available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to schedule an appointment at your convenience.