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Perhaps your first thought when thinking about Niagara will immediately go to the wonderful landmark Niagara Falls. However, Niagara is a large region that includes Fort Erie, Welland, Port Colborne, and Dunnville.

Fort Erie has been considered to be one of the fastest rapidly growing communities in the Niagara region as it has seen some great developments in both the residential and business sectors. The atmosphere that Niagara possesses is one of a modern region that accommodates all forms of business yet has a feel of nature to it, with its many green spaces that are being carefully preserved. It is well recognized for its many parks that are beautifully maintained, and when it comes to attractions it is home to the Fort Erie Race Track, Old Fort Erie and the Point Abino Lighthouse.

One of the most important waterways in this region is the Welland Canal connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and makes up a major section of the St. Lawrence Seaway. It is what allows the ships to bypass Niagara Falls. The canal provides travel for approximately 3,000 ships that carry about 40,000,000 tons of cargo each year.

The residents of Fort Erie and the surrounding area enjoy many different types of activities that take advantage of what the natural landscape of this region has to offer. This includes many different types of sports such as golf, baseball, hockey and soccer just to name a few. Planned events include Canal Days and the Friendship festival.

When it comes to residential living in Fort Erie and the surrounding communities there is a mix of old and new homes that provide great living experiences for families of all sizes. With this region being close to the waterways, the winters tend to be quite frigid while the open areas in the summer allow for plenty of humidity and hot summer weather. Home owners here need to be able to rely on home comfort services like those provided by us here at Enercare which include:


Niagara region residents need to be able to rely on a furnace that keeps their homes protected from the chilly winter temperatures. Having a service provider that can replace, repair and maintain their furnaces is critical to their winter home comfort.


A lot of the residents in the Fort Erie and surrounding areas rely on their A/C units to keep them cool and comfortable during the hot and humid summer weather. Enercare makes sure residents here are provided with choices in their cooling systems as well as maintaining them.

Water Heaters, Water Treatment and Plumbing

Availability of water, the convenience of hot water, and having quality water to consume and use, is a priority for any region and Niagara has these same needs and wants. Again, Enercare is able to look after these needs.

Home Protection

Residents here in Fort Erie and the other regions of Niagara want the convenience of being able to rely on a variety of home protection plans.

All of these requirements that the Niagara region residents have when it comes to their home and comfort can all be taken care of by one top quality home comfort service provider like Enercare.

Enercare not only services customers right across Ontario but Canada as well. This company has gained a reputation for making all segments of home comfort a top priority. Heating and cooling makes up an important part of this but so does the water needs of the residents. Ensuring that the plumbing needs are met and repairs are easily accessed and performed by highly trained technicians is just one segment of the many services that Enercare provides to those living in Ft. Erie and neighbouring communities.

Not only is home comfort considered important by Enercare but so is convenience and safety. By performing top maintenance and repair services this company believes they are playing an important role in the safety of your home. With the water treatment services that Enercare provides it not only means convenience, but clients have options for being able to utilize top quality water for many home uses.

Enercare is a company that believes in supporting the communities in which it services and does so through programs like our Enercare Fresh Start Program. This is a program developed by Enercare that works in partnership with the local organizations within the communities we service. It allows us to provide personalized fresh start packages for those families who no longer have a home and are having to live in shelters.

Enercare is a one stop Home Comfort service provider that values and respects our clientele, and is intent on meeting their home comfort needs with impeccable products and services.

FREE AIR CONDITIONER with purchase of select furnace and installation*

Furnace | Heating solutions for your home

Do you know what to check your furnace for? We do.

When is the last time your home had a check-up? Tune-ups can help identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns, while rising energy costs make efficiency more important every day. But most of all, furnace maintenance is important in protecting your health and safety. Our Enercare licensed technicians will give your furnace a thorough safety inspection. We include checking for hazardous carbon monoxide.

We also offer the following products & services

Air Conditioning | Air conditioning solutions to keep you cool this summer

Staying cool in the summer should be easy. We help make it easy with our air conditioning programs. Whether it’s AC maintenance programs, new central air, or a whole home solution, Enercare has the right package for your budget. That’s why we offer high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioners designed to do one thing: work so well you don’t have to think about them. And with energy costs on the rise, it's important to have an air conditioner that is as energy efficient as possible. You’ll enjoy the savings when you switch.

Plumbing | Complete hot water and plumbing solutions for your home

Every Enercare Emergency Plumbing Service includes up-front pricing, guaranteed parts and no overtime charges. In an emergency, our licensed plumbers can help or repair: blocked toilets/toilet issues, faucet repairs, frozen pipes, main drain snaking and repairs, leaking water heaters, hot water outages, leaking washer hoses, broken water lines, power flushing, and sump pumps and so much more. Call today for a priority visit.

Water Treatment | Water filtering, conditioning and softening

At Enercare we make sure your whole home is taken care of when it comes to the most used resource – water. From Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Water Softening Systems, Water Conditioning Systems, Whole Home Filtration Systems, we have you covered. Just because the water is clear doesn’t mean there aren’t pathogens. Ensuring your pipes to the tap has the right treatment to protect you and your family is paramount. We’re trusted experts, call us for your whole home needs.  

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