April 3, 2017

Cool home, big bill - how to survive the summer air conditioning shock

Learn how to maximize the cooling components of your home for monthly electricity bill savings. 

Every homeowner has opened an electricity bill in the summer months and been shocked at the total. It seems each year the bill tends to increase due to the need for cooling in the home. For many homeowners, the air conditioner runs non-stop in the hot summer months, which means a higher electricity bill. So how do you deal with a big bill before it arrives? Below are a few tips to help you reduce your electricity bill during the summer months.

Programmable Thermostat

One of the best ways to save money on your electricity bill is with a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat is a thermostat that has the ability to be set for specific temperatures and specific time periods. You can program the unit however you like, which can save you big bucks if you know what to do. Think about the time periods during the day when you are not at home and program the thermostat accordingly. During the summer, you may go on vacation. While away, set your unit to a higher temperature or program it to turn off completely. You can set the system to turn back on before you arrive home so that your home is nice and cool, but you didn’t spend a ton of money leaving your system running while you were away. The same can be said for while you are at work. Set your unit for a higher temperature so that your air conditioner is not constantly running while you are away from home during the day. This will help you see savings on your system each month when you receive your electricity bill.

Invest in Drapery

Depending on where your home is situated, warmth from the sun can cause the home to be hotter than you’d like it to be. When the sun shines down on your home, it can heat up rooms, which means the air conditioning system will stay on for a longer period of time. To combat this problem, consider having lined draperies on your windows so that they block out the light. With the light blocked, the room will not be as hot, which will lead to less usage of your air conditioning system.

Turn Off the Lights

Although not specific to the summer months, another cause of a high electricity bill is lighting. Be sure to get in the habit of turning off lights when you are leaving a room or while you are away from home. Lighting is an added cost to your electricity bill and when combined with the electricity used by your air conditioning system, the cost can add up. Remind everyone in your home to turn off lights when not in use.

Keep Your Vents Clear and Open

While this may seem obvious, drapes, furniture and household items can pile up around and on your air vents, reducing air flow. This includes your air return vents, as furniture pushed up against these may reduce your home’s air quality. The start of each new season, like summer, is a good time to check that your air vents are open in your main living areas and closed in areas like your basement that may not need the extra cooling.

By following these tips, you should see savings on your electricity bill during the summer months. At Enercare, we can assist by installing a programmable thermostat for your air conditioning unit or provide an estimate for a new air conditioning system. We will strive to help you have a cool home, an energy efficient system and a reduced electricity bill. Contact an Enercare Energy Management Consultant today to learn more. 


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