Preparing for Fall: Get Your Home Ready for the Changing Season in Just a Few Easy Steps

woman open window

Before winter arrives, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home with a few simple tips and tricks, including: fixing small cracks in the walls, installing a humidifier, buying an HRV ventilator and changing your filters regularly.

In Canada, winter can sometimes sneak up on you. It can come out of nowhere, and before you know it, you’ll be asking your heating system to be running at peak performance. So before the cold weather arrives, it’s worth taking some time in the fall to make a few simple home improvements that can help you to shave a few dollars off your monthly utility bill. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can help improve the overall performance and cost effectiveness of your furnace, and ensure your family stays warm all winter without breaking the bank.

Small cracks can be a big problem

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. All that warm air generated by your furnace can easily find even the tiniest cracks and escape through them. Your walls most likely feature dozens of such weak spots, especially in places where brickwork meets a window opening or a similar break line. Locating and fixing these micro leaks is a great way to make your home warmer without running the furnace at maximum power.

Control the humidity

The quality of breathable air inside your home is greatly dependent on proper humidity, so it’s probably a smart idea to buy a furnace humidifier for your home if you don’t already own one. This little device allows you to precisely monitor the amount of moisture in the air and keep the humidity at the desired level. Not only will it improve the quality of the air inside your house, it will also help reduce your energy costs.

Get a heat recovery ventilator (HRV)

Installing an HRV device is another crucial improvement that should be executed before the cold season starts. These ventilators allow for proper influx of fresh air while keeping most of the heat inside, and you don’t have to be a genius to figure why this is a win-win proposition. An HRV device will help keep your home well ventilated and free from dangerous gases, while your energy bill may decrease at the same time.

Don’t let the filters get dirty

Whenever your furnace is turned on and in operation, a certain amount of dust particles will move through the system and wind up on the filters. If the filters aren’t changed regularly, this may develop into a serious issue and hamper normal distribution of hot air. It is a good idea to always have a spare filter or two ready to go so this step won’t be missed.