January 24, 2018

Benefits of a humidifier

There are so many reasons why your family needs humidity in your home. Find out more by reading this.

With people spending 90% of their time indoors, maintaining indoor air quality is a modern necessity. Dry air can cause damage to your home and your health.

Damage to your home

  • Structural beams and posts can shrink, causing your floors to sag.
  • Hardwood floors, molding, and valuable antiques can be ruined by low indoor humidity.
  • Static electricity builds up, damaging sensitive electronic gadgets and computer components.

Damage to your health

  • Breathing passages in your nose and lungs can dry out, causing irritation that can lead to nosebleeds, sinus infections and dry eye.

Too much humidity can also cause problems. If moisture levels get above 55% - 60%, it can cause condensation problems as well as spread mold and mildew. Maintaining the humidity in your home at about 35 - 45% avoids all these problems.

Choose the right type of humidifier to eliminate all these potential problems.

Portable humidifiers

  • An inexpensive solution.
  • Best suited for single room use - too small to effectively humidify an entire home.
  • Require frequent filling and frequent cleaning.
  • Smaller motors are made for shorter periods of continual use and can have a more limited lifespan.

Whole-house bypass humidifiers

  • Integrate with your home’s overall heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).
  • Monitor and control your home’s relative humidity.
  • Are typically installed over a hole cut into the return air duct.
  • Use a small water line to bring water to moisten the pad. Water flow is regulated by a low-voltage electronic valve and a humidistat that measures and maintains the relative humidity according to your settings.
  • A short air duct from the supply side (near the plenum) brings warmed air into the humidifier. The warmed air flows through the pad and into the return duct, carrying the moisture throughout the home.

How humidifiers help save energy and money:

Humidifiers don't actually make a room warm but water vapour holds more heat than dry air. Using your humidifier, you can save money by turning down your thermostat an extra 1 or 2 degrees.

Humidifiers should have yearly maintenance to clean lime-scaling from the wicking media, replace worn out wicking media, or descale misting nozzles. Before heating season begins in autumn, have a professional furnace maintenance visit by Enercare.


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